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Perfect. Just perfect. How long do you think Phil Lord and Chris Miller were waiting to make this joke? About a year? Ever since they were hired to bring young Han Solo to the big screen? Either way, this first photo from the set of Han Solo's spinoff/origin/solo movie references one of the greatest Star Wars debates, and also proves that this project is in the right hands:

Han First Shot, of course, is a reference to the "Han shot first" controversy that has raged in the Star Wars community for decades, debating whether or not the rogue scoundrel blasted Greedo in self-defense, or in cold blood. Many fans would like to believe that Han Solo (Harrison Ford), needing to be redeemed at the start of Star Wars: A New Hope, would easily have pulled the trigger on an imminent threat. Except, even George Lucas has taken the side of saying Greedo fired on Han initially, causing Solo to fire back.

Regardless, the working title of the young Han Solo movie is Red Cup, which references Solo. Seriously, how many jokes can these guys fit into one photograph?

The sense of humor really shouldn't be that much of a surprise. These are the minds behind 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie after all. Both of them were film projects that could have gone terribly wrong, and yet, thanks to the surgeon-like skill that Chris Miller and Phil Lord have when it comes to writing, they have put together a collection of films that have been nearly flawless. Now the two have taken on their biggest challenge to date, one of the most beloved characters in the history of cinema.

It's incredibly exciting to see that production has begun on the Han Solo movie that is otherwise without a title. Maybe we'll call it Red Cup from now on, it's a lot easier to say than Untitled Han Solo Standalone Movie. Considering the fact that we only just got the official title for Star Wars: Episode VIII it could be quite awhile before we get the official title for this one.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord really feel like the perfect people to tackle this new film. It's certainly implied here that Chris Miller believes that "Han Shot First" and that's exactly who we think should be directing Alden Ehrenreich in the new movie. Also, now that filming has begun, there will probably be a lot more information coming out about the film, like maybe what it's actually about. We'll be here keeping you up to date.

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