3 Little Girls Dressed As The Hidden Figures Leads And Taraji P. Henson Loves It

Hidden Figures is a movie that has been inspirational for a lot of people. However, three girls from Wisconsin who dressed as the three leads from the film are now acting as an inspiration for the actresses that played the parts in the film. As part of a Black History Month Project, three girls recreated the Hidden Figures movie poster and the stars of the film are absolutely in love with it.

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The idea was the brainchild of Milwaukee College Prep teacher Terrance Sims. According to The Huffington Post, he wanted to create a series of posters that showed off the excellence of his students as well as draw focus to African-American culture during Black History Month. Ambrielle-Baker Rogers, Morgan Coleman, and Miah Bell-Olson are the three students in the image, wearing outfits that they put together with their parents, then photographer Amanda Evans took the picture and put it with the film's poster.

From there, the image has gone viral and has reached the eyes of the three actresses who portray the real-life women from the film who helped NASA put the first Americans in space. Taraji P. Henson is the most over the moon about it, showing it off on Instagram as an example of why she made the movie in the first place.

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It's clear that Hidden Figures is having its desired impact on popular culture. The story of the African American women who were involved in the space program is a story that most of, the stars of the movie included, simply weren't aware of. The movie has gone a long way to rectifying this oversight, and now this image shows us that the message has been received by those it was most meant for, children, especially African Americas and women, who might now be inspired to follow into careers in math and science.

Janelle Monae also sent the image out on Instagram, while Octavia Spencer did the same on Twitter.

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This image is just about as inspirational as the film that inspired it, and the real-life story that inspired the movie. Hidden Figures is in theaters now and is up for several Academy Awards later this month, including best Picture.

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