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Fans are getting themselves ready for their last ride with Hugh Jackman playing the iconic Wolverine. Now, we know exactly how much time we have left to spend with him. The website for an upcoming film festival, where Logan will be screening, has listed the film's official runtime, so get ready to spend your last two hours and 15 minutes with your favorite mutant.

The Berlin International Film Festival will include the next big superhero epic, the film will screen four times over the course of the festival beginning February 17. Along with all the other vital stats of the film, like a synopsis that tells us nothing we don't already know, is one piece of information that is new, the fact that the film will last 135 minutes. The runtime is about right for the X-Men franchise as a whole. Every film from the original X-Men through X-Men: First Class had a runtime that was either around the one hour and 45-minute mark or the two hours and 15-minutes mark. The only real exceptions have been the last two X-Men films. Apocalypse was over two hours and 20 minutes, while _Days of Future Pas_t had an epic runtime that exceeded two and half hours. Logan falls in line with the last Hugh Jackman led entry, The Wolverine, which had a runtime that was a single minute longer.


We're glad that Logan is a little on the longer side. This movie is going to represent the end of an era and Hugh Jackman requires a proper send-off. He's been playing Wolverine for nearly 20 years and this will be his ninth appearance in the part. While the more recent trailers have shown us that the movie will have some of the same action that we've come to expect from our superhero movies, it is also going to be a bit more serious and dramatic. That side of the story will likely require some more time to properly tell.

Logan is looking so serious and dramatic that Ryan Reynolds thinks it might be the movie that makes the superhero genre a serious contender for major awards, like the Oscars. If the movie is truly that good then we're in for a real treat when it finally arrives in theaters March 3. We'll be glued to our seats for the entire runtime. How about you?

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