Delightful Disney Video Shows The Rock Singing One Of Moana’s Best Songs

Moana is a movie that is full of great songs, but if you've seen it, then there's little question which tune is still bouncing around inside your head. The Rock's song is the sort of earworm that doesn't go away and a new video shows off the man himself recording the tune. The People's Champ looks to be having just as much fun as we imagined recording the vocals for his big showstopping number. You can see the video below. You're welcome.

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The new video from Disney promotes the fact that Moana has been released digitally so that anybody who hasn't experienced the film can now do so, along with those who are looking to do so again. The video gives us a brief glimpse of "You're Welcome" writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, dancing around as Dwayne Johnson belts out his lyrics. In a side by side, we see the final version of Maui's big showstopping number alongside images of Rocky having an obvious blast singing the song.

While "You're Welcome" probably is not the best song in Moana from a pure quality and creativity standpoint, it is, without doubt, the most fun song that the film has to offer. It consists of the demi-god Maui singing his own praises to the young Moana, regarding the way that he created so much of the world around them himself. The various things he claims to have done are all part of actual Polynesian myth regarding Maui, so he's not simply bragging, according to all the old stories, he actually did do all of these things. Of course, The Rock, who spent years perfecting his on screen ego in the WWE, is simply the perfect voice for this sort of song. He knows how to come across as both full of himself, and utterly charming at the exact same time like nobody else in Hollywood. It's no wonder he was the first and only choice to play the part of Maui.

The best song in Moana is probably "How Far I'll Go." The Oscars certainly think so, as that's the song that was nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar that will be awarded on Sunday. Voice actress Auli'i Cravalho will perform the song during the telecast along with songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda. While we're looking forward to the performance during the show, watching this video makes us wish "You're Welcome" had received a nomination solely in order to see Dwayne Johnson singing on the Oscar stage. That is a ratings home run, no question.

If you want to experience "You're Welcome" in all its glory grab a digital version of Moana today, or pick up the Blu-Ray disc when it arrives March 7.

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