Summer doesn't actually begin until we're most of the way through June, but the summer movie season used to always begin during the Memorial Day Weekend at the end of May. In recent years, however, studios have simply had too many big tentpole projects to fit between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the "summer movie season" has slowly begun to creep earlier and earlier in the year.

Well, we've got some news for you folks. The summer movie season is pretty much already here. We get our first big comic book movie of the year on coming up with Logan, and from there on out it's pretty much blockbuster after blockbuster until the end of July. Even if we count the first weekend of May as the normal time for summer movies, there are still several big films between now and then.

March 3 - Logan

As previously mentioned, the highly anticipated Logan is our start to the big budget movie fest on Friday, March 3. The movie is looking to be massive. The fact that it will be Hugh Jackman's farewell to the role that made him a star would be big enough. However, based on early reviews, the movie isn't just big, it's also really good. There's even been discussion that the movie could be Oscar worthy. Lots of people will be talking about this one, though it's not clear for how long, since the next big movie comes out just a week later.

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