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In nearly two decades playing one of the most iconic characters in the history of comics, there's nothing that Hugh Jackman did not do to bring Wolverine to life. Well, there's one thing he didn't do. He never put on the yellow costume that was the character's trademark on the comic page. If you've seen Logan you know that he ends his time on screen without ever donning the outfit, but that doesn't mean he's done teasing fans with the idea.

Hugh Jackman has posted a grainy image of himself to Twitter which shows him holding the famous mask of the traditional Wolverine costume. He's not wearing it, because, of course, he's not wearing it. The look on Jackman's face seems to be mocking us, saying, "What? Did you want me to put this on?"

If there's one thing that comic fans would have gone completely nuts over at any point in the last 17 years, it's seeing Hugh Jackman in that old school sleeveless yellow bodysuit with that iconic mask. Purists would probably say it was the only thing that was never done right by the X-Men movies. Honestly, if he would just put the outfit on for a picture on Twitter it would likely make a lot of fans happy.

The closest the yellow suit ever came to the screen was a sequence that was shot, but never used, at the end of The Wolverine. The costume was given as a gift, though Logan sort of turned up his nose at it, so it's unlikely he was ever expecting to wear it. The director of both Logan and The Wolverine, James Mangold, said in the run-up to Logan that part of the reason we never saw Logan in any kind of costume was because the director never saw this character as the type who would put on a special outfit just for fighting people. It didn't really make sense that Logan would bother with something like that. He didn't even like the black outfits he had to wear when fighting alongside the X-Men.

As great as we think this image is, there's one guy who's probably not impressed. Hugh Jackman made a bit of a Twitter faux pas when he used the @ symbol instead of a hashtag on the word Logan. By doing so he accidently attached another Twitter account to his tweet, which means that anybody who responds to this tweet, and there are many, is also responding to this guy unless they notice and delete the name. He's a little unhappy about all that.

So not everybody is excited about Hugh Jackman putting on this mask. What do you think? Would you have liked to have seen the proper comic book Wolverine on the big screen or is the outfit really no big deal? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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