Apparently Aquaman Will Feature Humans Riding Sharks Into Battle

Aquaman riding shark

We've finally seen more of Aquaman in action thanks to the new Justice League trailer, which saw the superhero launching off of the Batmobile, among other cool stunts. Apparently, however, when we finally get the Aquaman solo movie, we might be in for even more of a treat, at least according to director James Wan, who introduced some intriguing concept art at this week's CinemaCon events. In that concept art, fans got to see humans riding sharks into battle. I'll go ahead and repeat it, because it's so intense: Yes, people riding sharks into battle.

Here's how that went down. During the panel (via THR) fans were privy to a variety of images that basically looked like underwater ships from a distance. The whole thing will be set up to look like epic battle scenes in a an outer space film. However, when the camera pans closer, you will realize that the "ships" are actually Atlanteans on top of sharks, still preparing to battle though. Per Wan, panning closer will prove to be an aha! moment:

It's not until the ships get so close to you realize that's not a spaceship. That's a human riding a shark.

So, Wan's exact words involve humans on sharks. As weirdly compelling as this whole sequence sounds, it could be end up being cooler on the big screen, as Wan continued in his battle explanation to note that some of the Atlanteans may even be atop octopus-like creatures. To make this even more exciting, each of the sea creatures will be armored. This news gels with stuff Wan has said earlier about the movie, including wanting to show the world some cool sea creatures, but learning the details of this is still excellent. Wan went so far as to say this sequence--like many movie magic sequences these days--could never have happened in years past.

As is to be expected, the focus right now in the DC world is on the Wonder Woman standalone film, as well as on the upcoming Justice League movie. Aquaman isn't expected to be released until 2018, and we basically know that the film will follow Jason Momoa's character learning he is the heir to Atlantis and taking on his people, who want to invade the land to take out those who have been polluting the oceans. We also expect there to be some sort of relationship component with Amber Heard's Mera. Clearly, this will eventually lead to a battle of epic proportions, with individuals riding sharks. Aquaman hasn't actually started filming yet, but we'll let you know what that looks like as soon as we can.

In the meantime, you can catch Wonder Woman when it hits theaters on June 2 and Justice League when it hits theaters on November 17. To find out when other big movies are hitting theaters in 2017, take a look at our movies premiere schedule.

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