If The Early Wonder Woman Box Office Predictions Hold, It'll Be A Bit Disappointing

gal gadot in wonder woman

There are a slew of superhero movies coming up this summer, including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman and Spider-man: Homecoming. There are reasons to get excited about all of them, but we're really interested in the box office performance of Wonder Woman, as it's the first fully female-fronted superhero movie in this new amalgamation of superhero films. Now, the first box office estimates are in, and Warner Bros. and DC may not be super happy with the numbers. Wonder Woman is expected to bring in around $83 million during its first weekend at bat, which would have to be considered a bit disappointing since almost all of the major recent superhero movies have outgrossed it.

Compared to most movies, $83 million is an absolute haul. In comparison, this weekend's Top 3 movies brought in between $14 and $26 million, although it should be noted that some of the weekend's box office winners were not in their first weekends at the theater. So, why might the studio and comic book company not be super pleased by that number? It's mostly because that prediction is quite a bit lower than the first week hauls of other recent DC Comics movies, including Suicide Squad. The ensemble anti-heroes film brought in $133 million during its first weekend. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice made $166 million opening weekend. Even Man of Steel brought in $116 million during its opening weekend. If these numbers hold true, Wonder Woman won't even get close to the $100 million mark, much less beat any of its DC predecessors. Granted, those are mostly team-up movies, but still, many of us would like to hope Wonder Woman is at least in that same conversation in terms of interest.

Box Office Pro was the first to put up the numbers as part of its long-range movies forecast, and we'll have to wait and see how the numbers do ultimately pan out when the movie premieres this summer. For comparison, the current prediction for The Fate Of The Furious is $118 million during opening weekend. Guardians of the Galaxy is anticipated to bring in $160 million or so, and Spider-Man: Homecoming wasn't included in this round of estimates. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales opens over a long weekend, and is expected to make about $75 million over four days, so that at least is fairly similar to the Wonder Woman potential haul.

These numbers aren't set in stone, of course, as Beauty and the Beast made more than was projected just a few weeks ago when it entered theaters. In addition, even if the movie does make $83 million, Wonder Woman is well on its way to making its $100 million budget back and making a profit, as well. It would just be extremely cool if Wonder Woman could prove that it was just as if not more viable than the male-oriented superhero films, especially since buzz about Diana was great when Batman V Superman came out. In addition, it would be great because it would likely pave the way for more female-driven superheroes to get made. We know Wonder Woman can totally kick boys' asses, so let's just hope she ends up doing so at the box office, too.

We'll let you know if the predictions change in the weeks to come. In the meantime, you can take a look at what we know about the Wonder Woman movie, which is hitting theaters on June 2. Take a look at what other flicks are coming up this summer with our full schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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