Marvel has done it again, folks. The first footage for Thor: Ragnarok officially dropped online this morning, and it quickly stood out as one of the best trailers of the year. There's humor, there's action and there's a distinctive and stylish sensibility that's not often seen in a run of the mill comic book movie. Alan Taylor's Thor: The Dark World was admittedly a bit of a dud, but Taika Waititi has dusted The God of Thunder off in grand fashion.

However, if you have watched the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, then you likely already know that it raises more questions than it answers. Taika Waititi has clearly crafted one of the coolest Marvel movies to date, but the first preview for the latest Thor movie does not give much away. We've combed through the frames of this trailer and picked out eight burning questions that we have now that the first footage from the film has hit the web. We have some major topics to tackle, so let's get started with one of the most fundamental questions: where the hell is Thor's father?

Where Is Odin?

Thor's father (Anthony Hopkins) has played an instrumental role in both installments of the Thor franchise to date, and the reveal that Loki had somehow managed to dethrone him at the end of Thor: The Dark World was a perfect cliffhanger. However, we do not really know how Odin will factor into the events of Ragnarok yet. Set photos from Thor: Ragnarok leaked in August 2016 showing the original Odin on an Earth street corner (and dressed like a homeless person), so our general assumption is that he will play a significant role in the resolution of the story and the victory over Hela. How that victory will specifically be achieved at the climax of the film remains to be seen.

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