When Logan Fans Can See That Black And White Version In Theaters

Hugh Jackman in Logan, black and white

Logan has been out for nearly two months, and it's had one hell of a run. Following in Deadpool's footsteps as another R-rated entry in the X-Men franchise, Logan has been met with positive reception and made over $600 million worldwide off a $97 million budget. The movie's time in theaters is starting to wind down, but there's a special treat in store for those who catch it on May 16, as director James Mangold has announced that's when the black and white cut will be released, tweeting:

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While the above tweet doesn't outright state that the black and white version of Logan will screen in theaters, he did confirm that was the case when a fan asked on Twitter if this cut would be released on Blu-ray/DVD. James Mangold teased on March 1, only a few days before Logan came out, that he was "working" on Logan's black and white cut, and now it's officially on the way. So if you're at a theater on Tuesday, May 16, enjoyed Logan when it was initially released and don't have any particular interest in seeing Snatched,King Arthur: Legend of the Sword or the other fare being screened, pop in to see Hugh Jackman's last adventure as Wolverine sans color. You'll only have one day to witness it on that large of a screen.

Logan isn't the only major motion picture that's received the black and white treatment recently. Last year, Warner Bros released Mad Max: Fury Road's Black and Chrome edition on Blu-ray and DVD following nearly a year of director George Miller promising fans that they would see such a cut, calling it the "best version" of the movie. Having Logan take the same path isn't surprising considering how many images from the movie were black and white during the marketing campaign. The black and white will also hopefully accentuate the movie's darker, more down-to-earth tone compared to the X-Men movies that preceded it.

James Mangold also took the time to explain to a fan why someone just couldn't watch a black and white version of Logan by turning the color settings on a TV to zero. As the director put it:

To make a great B&W version of a film, the whole thing's gotta be regraded & timed shot by shot.

In case you can't make it out to see Logan that day, the regular version is still playing in theaters, and after the black and white cut is presented on the silver screen, the movie will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Tuesday, May 23.

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