Robin Williams' Final Film Is Finally Heading To Theaters

It's been nearly three years since the world said goodbye to Robin Williams. However, the hilarious actor will be taking one final bow as his final film is finally seeing a theatrical release in North America. Williams lent his famous voice to the British comedy Absolutely Anything, which was released in the UK last August. After waiting that long it was looking like we might never see it. However, Atlas Distribution is now set to release the movie in the US on May 12.

On paper, Absolutely Anything sounds like a phenomenal film. It stars Simon Pegg and was written and directed by Monty Python alum Terry Jones. In the story, a group of aliens, all voiced by the living members of Monty Python, consider the destruction of the planet Earth. As a test to see if the planet is worth saving, they give one human god-like powers to see whether or not he is seduced by them and uses them for evil ends. Simon Pegg's character is given the abilities. He uses them to, among other things, give his dog the ability to speak, which is where Robin Williams comes into the picture.

As Deadline points out, Absolutely Anything isn't just a final film for Robin Williams. It's likely also the last production for director Terry Jones, who recently revealed he is suffering from dementia.

It's great to see that Robin Williams' final performance is going to see the light of day. At one point, shortly after his death, there was a fear that Williams' performance might be lost, as Simon Pegg wasn't sure that Williams had actually completed his work on the film prior to his untimely death. It appears that Williams did complete the work, or at the very least, the production was able to work with what they had in order to complete the film. You can hear Williams voice in the trailer below.

This is being called a limited release, so you may have to work a bit to find a screening of Absolutely Anything. Still, a film that has Robin Williams, Simon Pegg, and Monty Python all in it together is the sort of historic comedy that is probably worth seeking out. To be fair, UK reviews of the film aren't particularly glowing but does that even matter for a movie like this one?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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