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IT Gave Us Our Best Look At Pennywise Yet In A Terrifying New Trailer

Stephen King's IT already looks pretty damned terrifying, what with the slow building dread coming out of the film's first trailer released last month. But now, we've got what's undoubtedly our best look at Pennywise the clown yet, in a brand new clip that was broadcast on TV tonight. While we've seen the infamous circus performer from Hell before, we've been shown his face clear as day, and without the need of extensive freeze frame. Gaze upon the face of fear for yourself, below.

It Pennywise Field Reveal

This new look at Pennywise came after a special clip released during the MTV Movie & TV Awards, which took place this evening. In addition to seeing Bill Skarsgard's new incarnation of the legendary IT baddie, some new footage was presented showcasing The Losers Club's adventures in the newly updated 1980's setting. In particular, the tense scene where a handful of the gang are investigating the sewers of Derry, where they find a clue, as well as a suspicious red balloon. Cue the supercut of new footage, and the money shot at the end, showcasing Pennywise in the middle of a field, with more of those balloons on hand.

This extended clip from IT certainly shows off the chemistry of The Losers Club, both in the thick of danger and in the more pleasant moments of their friendships together. And the best part about it is director Andres Muschetti's re-interpretation of the film is being sold as a methodical horror film that recalls the sort of material that Stephen King, and the best of horror from the 1980's, had to offer. While this version is taking the approach of splitting the source material evenly between the past and present, IT certainly looks like it's going to breath some fresh life into the legendary story of fighting fear, and what happens when it fights back.

In a year where Stephen King's works are as popular as ever for adaptation, it could be argued that IT is the project that shows the most promise. Even though King himself has given IT his own stamp of approval, we've been burned before with works that attached his name to its production. So while we're certainly eager and awaiting the possibility of giving IT our own blessing, we'll wait patiently until we actually see the first part of the two part project before we're fully convinced. Still, with footage this good, it's going to be hard not to let our expectations float just a little higher. Feel free to watch the footage for yourself below, and tell us we're wrong.

IT pops some balloons, and a couple of sodas in the audience, on September 8th.

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