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Miramax Is Laying Off A Ton Of Their Staff

Pulp Fiction

Unfortunately, we've got some sad news today. Miramax, a production company known for having released such films like Pulp Fiction, Clerks, and No Country for Old Men, has announced that it will be laying off almost all the employees of its movie and television departments. The mini-studio will be reorganizing itself in order to fulfill their new mission under the leadership of a new CEO, who is taking the opportunity to clean house.

The Wrap reports that more than 20 employees of the movie and television departments will be leaving Miramax. There is no official headcount as of yet, even executive level workers were not exempt from layoffs. Included among the rest is Executive Vice President of Production and Development Zanne Devine. This move comes straight from the top as Bill Block, the new CEO of Miramax has released a statement concerning the layoffs. In the statement, Block wrote that after "careful consideration and consultation with the board" he decided to "reorganize" Miramax in order to lead a streamlined company to grow in film, television, and licensing its library.

Bill Block took over Miramax just recently on April 26, with the hopes of making Miramax more proactive in produced film and television content. The mini-studio had for some years been little more than a lucrative library, housing over 700 films in a collection that began in the late eighties. Miramax was originally founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein and under their leadership, the company released/distributed several Academy Award-winning and nominated films such as Chicago, Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, Pulp Fiction, Finding Neverland, and My Left Foot. Also, some Kevin Smith films. The company was bought by Disney in 1993, and the Weinstein's left in 2005 and founded the Weinstein Company. Disney sold Miramax in 2010 to a group of investors for $660 million.

So, it seems that at the very least, more content is to be expected from Miramax. If all this news of layoffs has got you down, then remember this clip from Jay and Silent Bon Strike Back, where Miramax makes fun of itself quite a lot.

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