Hear The MCU's Epic Cover Of The Spider-Man Theme Song For Homecoming

Spider-Man has been a superhero fixture for 55 years, and several years after the Web-Slinger made his comics debut, he starred in his own animated series, the first of many. That particular series is best remembered nowadays for two things: providing material for online memes and its iconic theme song. Regarding the latter, that music just as associated with the Web-Slinger as the 1960s Batman TV theme is with DC Comics' Caped Crusader. With Spider-Man: Homecoming only a couple months away, the movie's composer, Michael Giacchino, posted an great orchestral cover of that earworm of a theme song for the internet to enjoy!

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I think we can all agree that the 1960s Spider-Man theme song has never sounded more epic. Those strings and horns could get anyone charged up for a night of web-swinging and beating up criminals in New York City. It's not actually clear whether we'll hear this cover in Spider-Man: Homecoming or if Michael Giacchino (who joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year to score Doctor Strange) just had the orchestra perform it as a treat for the Spidey fans on Twitter. Either way, it's excellent to listen to, and even if that isn't played during Spider-Man: Homecoming, maybe a full version could still be released on the soundtrack or as a single.

Whether you're a passionate Spider-Man fan or only have a passing familiarity with the hero, chances are good that you've heard the classic Spider-Man theme song a couple times in your life. While Michael Giacchino's orchestral cover sounds great, it isn't the first time a Spider-Man movie has covered the theme. 2004's Spider-Man 2 included a version that Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker heard performed by a street musician, which didn't sound as powerful as Giacchino's take, but was definitely more amusing.

Set a couple months after Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming will follow Tom Holland's Peter Parker using the gadgets given to him by Tony Stark to protect the innocent in New York City and elsewhere. However, when The Vulture's gang starts wreaking havoc with their advanced technology, Peter will not only have to put an end to their destructive heists, but also prove he truly has what it takes to be a superhero, which will eventually mean fighting the bad guys (including The Shocker and The Tinkerer) without Stark's technological goodies.

Spider-Man: Homecoming crawls into theaters on July 7.

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