What Happens When You Cross Michael Bay On Set, According To Josh Duhamel

Michael Bay on a Transformers set

Michael Bay has a reputation. On a film set, he knows what he wants... and he won't let anyone stand in his way of getting it. This has produced numerous financially successful films -- but it also creates a kind of tension on set that's not for everyone. At the same time, actors return to Michael Bay sets often... so there has to be a reason. Still, Josh Duhamel, who is back on screen for his FOURTH Transformers movie in Transformers: The Last Knight, explains that when you cross Bay on set, you get "Bay'd" -- as he phrases it -- and it's not always a pretty sight. Duhamel recently told CinemaBlend:

He creates an immense amount of energy. He really does. It's kind of an amazing thing to witness. He's kind of a force, for better and for worse. I mean, he can be tough. He can be frustrating and agonizing. But there's no doubt that the guy, when he steps on the set, everybody's focus level goes up, and everybody brings their A-game, every day. Because they do not want to get Bay'd. I've been Bay'd plenty of times. And I actually kind of look forward to it! Because I know now that it's not personal. And he actually likes me. Before, I was like, 'Oh my God, he hates me!' And to see somebody get Bay'd for the first time is an amazing sight to see, as well.

That's the greatest. And also the worst. I can't imagine how I would feel, getting Bay'd for the first time. Actors have had highly publicized feuds with Michael Bay on the sets of movies. Megan Fox and Bay have had words on and off set, and in the press, though actors like Shia LaBeouf, Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg and, yes, Josh Duhamel always end up returning to his sets. Would they if Bay was insufferable? Absolutely not. They clamor to work with him, In fact, Wahlberg has mainly said recently that he'd only leave the Transformers franchise because he agreed to collaborate with his Pain & Gain director, and if Bay plans to walk, Wahlberg plans to follow him.

Listen to Josh Duhamel's loyalty in our exclusive interview with the Transformers: The Last Knight co-star:

In the current Transformers: The Last Knight, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and a band of human allies are trying to solve why Optimus Prime has gone rogue, while also figuring out why Transformers keep returning to our planet to wage their wars. The movie opens in theaters tonight, and will likely break the summer blockbuster bank wide open. After The Last Knight, Michael Bay is expected to move on, while new filmmakers take over with a Bumblebee spinoff movie. I wonder who Bay will "Bay" on set next?

Sean O'Connell
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