Now Kate Hudson Has Shaved Her Head For A New Movie

Trends spread like wildfire in Hollywood, and the latest trend with leading ladies has been chopping off their locks for roles. Kate Hudson just revealed she's buzzed her head for her upcoming movie with Sia, Sister. And if you'd like to see what Hudson will look like ahead of the release of Sister, you can check out her new 'do, below.

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The project is being kept under wraps, so it's difficult to tell why Kate Hudson would need to buzz cut her hair for Sister. However, it is believed the movie will feature a musical component, and reports have indicated Hudson may have cut off her blonde, curly hair last month, which would mean she's been rocking the cut for a while. Hudson has also been reportedly wearing wigs outside of the set so that no one knew about her cut until she decided to debut it, which you can see in the post above.

The news comes just a few weeks after Valerian and the Thousand Planets actress Cara Delevingne cropped off her lengthy locks. She opted to cut her hair off while filming Life in a Year, a movie where she plays a young woman dealing with a devastating illness. She's already noted she doesn't regret chopping off her hair in the least, too. Prior to her big hair reveal, Kristen Stewart also chopped off a good chunk of her hair and dyed the little bit that was left blonde. Her reason for cutting off her hair was also a movie role. The actress said she'd kind-of been wanting to try the look for a while and when she started filming Underwater and realized she needed a helmet, the look just fit the part perfectly.

But just remember, ladies. Natalie Portman beat you all to the punch.

natalie portman bald in v for vendetta

When Kristen Stewart cut her hair it was a thing, but now it's becoming a full-on trend, and with the crazy heat that has invaded a lot of parts of the country this summer, we wouldn't be totally shocked to see more leading ladies ditch their long locks and opt for something shorter and easier that doesn't stick on their necks in the hot summer months. Most of the actresses have already started growing their hair out at least a little bit, but the buzz cut is certainly something to talk about. We'll let you know if anyone else opts to join Kate Hudson and chop off her hair.

As for Sister, the movie is currently in production and is expected to be released in 2018. We'll let you know as soon as an official premiere date is announced. In the meantime, you can take a look at all of the announced movies with our full premiere schedule.

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