Does The Avengers: Infinity War Footage Actually Spoil The End Of Thor: Ragnarok? Here’s What The Director Says

spoiler in Thor: Ragnarok

Warning: possible spoilers ahead for the unreleased Infinity War trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con and D23! Read ahead at your own risk!

Despite the fact most Marvel fans have not even seen it yet, the first trailer for The Avengers: Infinity War has taken the world by storm. The long-awaited preview seems to raise the stakes higher than ever before, and the fact that it opens with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) floating through space has led many to theorize that it could potentially suggest a tragic ending for Thor: Ragnarok. CinemaBlend caught up with Ragnarok's Taika Waititi at San Diego Comic-Con to ask him about the possibility of a Thor reveal in the Infinity War trailer, and he reassured us that it's not a spoiler, saying of the footage for the "other" Marvel movie:

Oh, in the other thing? It is not a spoiler.

So the fact that Thor Odinson is floating through space (seemingly helpless) doesn't mean Hela (Cate Blanchett) will succeed in her quest to destroy Asgard and cast him out. It just means Thor will (once again) find himself in trouble after the events of Ragnarok. It's no secret that he has a knack for adventure, and he is always out running around in different corners of the universe, so Infinity War may simply open with him in another tight spot. Although the events of Thor: Ragnarok will be set in outer space, it seems that getting to see him float in space at the beginning of The Avengers: Infinity War does not inherently guarantee we know what is going to come in the Thor-based film.

For those of you who have not seen the trailer for The Avengers: Infinity War, it opens on the Guardians of the Galaxy on one of their typically zany missions through the unknown regions of space. Upon their arrival in a mysterious corner of the cosmos, the Milano is suddenly struck by The God of Thunder as he literally crashes into their windshield like a fly on a highway. Once they get the introductions out of the way, Thor brings the Guardians to Earth, where he instantly senses that something is wrong. From there, the entire teaser trailer for the upcoming Avengers epic becomes a phenomenal montage of superhero action, with Thanos (Josh Brolin) definitively proving that he is the biggest and baddest villain this universe has ever seen.

However, don't take our word for it. Check out a clip from our San Diego Comic-Con chat with Taika Waititi below to hear what he specifically had to say about the possibility of a Thor: Ragnarok spoiler in the Infinity War trailer.

Thor: Ragnarok will debut in theaters later this year on November 3, and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally unite for the very first time when The Avengers: Infinity War blasts its way into theaters on May 4, 2018.

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