Pierce Brosnan Paid Tribute To Robin Williams With This Memory From The Set Of Mrs. Doubtfire

Although he passed away back in 2014, the loss of the brilliant comedian and actor Robin William is still being felt by his generations of fans. Williams brought an outstanding energy and sense of timing to his many TV and film projects, many of which have become iconic in the years since their release. This includes his hilarious and heartfelt performance in Mrs. Doubtfire, which is still played constantly in syndication to this day.

Pierce Brosnan co-starred as the antagonist new boyfriend of Sally Field's character, and the former James Bond just posted a tribute to Williams on his personal Instagram. Check it out.

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Well, that's certainly touching. In addition to paying a sweet tribute to the late Robin Williams, Pierce Brosnan also gave us us a glimpse into what a consummate professional Williams was. Despite being in full prothesis and a body suit, he was able to swiftly nail Brosnan in the back of a head with a faux orange. Nailed it.

The scene from Mrs. Doubtfire is one of the most beloved of the iconic film. About 2/3 into the film, Sally Field's Miranda starts to date again. But Daniel wants to one day get his family back together, and does whatever he can to irritate and sabotage the budding relationship between Miranda and Pierce Brosnan's Stu. When the family goes to Stu's country club for a day at the pool, Daniel is unable to hide his disdain for the new suitor, even while wearing the guise of Mrs. Doubtfire. When Stu walks away after unknowingly insulting him, Mrs. Doubtfire nails Stu in the back of the head with an orange, declaring that she saw the culprit escape afterward, claiming it was a "run by fruiting".

As a reminder, check out the scene below- including the perfect throw that only took about two takes.

While the concept of Mrs. Doubtfire is outwardly silly, the film is also beloved because of how emotional and relatable the subject matter is. Divorce affects tons of families, and through the film we saw how both the children and parents are able to cope with this change and still retain a healthy relationship with each other. Mrs. Doubtfire's message in her children's show is about how families may come in different shapes and sizes, but the love is what matters most of all. It's this message, as well as awesome lines such as the run by fruiting, that makes the film so beloved to this day.

Pierce Brosnan is set to reprise his Mamma Mia! role in the upcoming sequel, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!, and we'll be sure to update you on the film as more details become public. In the mean time, check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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