Watch Channing Tatum Go Full Magic Mike In A Gas Station

If there's one thing we know about Channing Tatum, it's that he likes to dance. However, we had no idea that he just did it randomly in the middle of gas stations. Recently, the Magic Mike actor went live on Facebook while picking up some snacks at a gas station convenient store and somehow ended up dancing with the cashier, because, why not? Check out the video below. The goods stuff gets started at about the 3:15 mark.

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One of the most interesting things about the popularity of social media is the way that famous people can just share a piece of their lives with all of their fans with nothing more than a cell phone. That's what Channing Tatum did on Facebook a couple days ago when he just started broadcasting himself in a gas station picking up some snacks. Of course, that's not all that happens as Tatum starts chatting with the clerk, who apparently is happy to give him the run of the place. He chills in a chair and puts his feet up. Though, before long they've got the radio turned up and Tatum and the cashier are bumping and grinding together.

Of course, now we have to wonder if this is something Channing Tatum does everywhere he goes. Unless this entire thing was scripted, and it doesn't look like it was, he certainly had no expectation that he was going to start dancing when the broadcast started. He was just going to grab a candy bar and head out. Instead, he takes pictures with some other folks and just generally hangs out at a gas station.

My favorite bit has to be when Channing Tatum tries to spin around on the chair, which doesn't go nearly as smoothly as he was probably hoping.

While the entire exchange is probably not scripted, it is something of a "promotional" video Channing Tatum includes a hashtag for Sonoco Racing and mentions early in the video that he's in a Sonoco gas station. Tatum's new film, Logan Lucky is the story of a heist that takes place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The connection between a movie that has racing at its core and a video from a place that sponsors racing is clearly no coincidence. Also, Tatum probably doesn't have somebody walking around ready to film him for Facebook all the time, though we suppose it's possible. We won't be surprised to see more videos on the way over the next week prior to Logan Lucky being released in theaters next Friday.

Still, the video is no less entertaining just because it has an ulterior motive. Everybody involved is clearly having fun and Beatrice the cashier now has a great story to tell.

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