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This fall, Jigsaw is returning to the big screen with the eighth entry in the Saw franchise. Even before his eponymous movie hits theaters, however, the demented serial killer will be taking over Universal's Halloween Horror Nights! The annual theme park event has just revealed a first peek at its elaborate SAW: The Games of Jigsaw house that will be coming to both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood beginning September 15 and running through November 4. Take a look!

What's more, the Jigsaw attraction has released an official description that promises traps from throughout the gore-fueled franchise:

The traps are set. All that's missing is you. The Jigsaw killer has returned to Halloween Horror Nights to torment you with his twisted take on poetic justice, featuring new exercises in agony from each of the SAW films. The Razor Wire Maze. The Reverse Bear Trap. The Automated Scalping Machine. The Pound of Flesh. Plus, experience a thrilling, living preview of the upcoming JIGSAW film. But no matter how desperate you become, unable to look away or make it stop, remember this: There's no easy way out.

An annual Halloween tradition that already stretches back more than a quarter of a century, Halloween Horror Nights launched in 1991 as "Fright Nights" at Universal Orlando. Since then, HHN has become a regular tradition at both the Orlando and Hollywood parks, each year offering mazes inspired by all sorts of horror properties. In addition to Saw, this year's event will feature mazes inspired by The Shining, American Horror Story and Ash vs Evil Dead, with even more to be announced soon.

The Saw franchise itself launched in 2004 with a micro-budgeted film that also marked the feature debut of director James Wan. The film series soon became a Halloween box office juggernaut, releasing a sequel every subsequent year until 2010's then-finale, Saw 3D. Interestingly enough, the Saw franchise's seventh entry also got its own Halloween Horror Nights maze that same year with an attraction called Saw: Game On.

The new Jigsaw film will hit theaters on October 27, meaning fans will have a chance to check out the Games of Jigsaw house both before and during the new movie's theatrical run. Directed by Predestination's Spierig Brothers, Jigsaw will feature the return of Tobin Bell's titular antagonist. Exactly how he makes his return remains to be seen, but for a guy who has been dead since Saw III, Jigsaw leaves a pretty enduring legacy.

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