Check Out Anna Kendrick Dressed As Santa's Daughter In Noelle

Anna Kendrick is an actress who takes a variety of types of roles, so I guess it shouldn't surprise us that she's set to play Santa's daughter in an upcoming movie. The project, Noelle, won't be out for some time, but as often happens in Tinseltown, the flick is filming quite early. Kendrick herself has shared a look at what fashion choices Santa's daughter is drawn to, and we can definitely say that Noelle will get into the holiday spirit. You can check her out, below.

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Green on green is a bold choice, as is pattern on pattern, but it's been some time since we've gotten a big, live action Christmas movie and I'm interested to see how Noelle turns out, especially considering Kendrick's Santa-relation character is posing on the street outside a bar that looks to be selling cold beer. Coincidence? Maybe.

Noelle was initially running with the title Nicole but apparently decided to jump a little deeper into the holiday references. The movie is coming together with the help of Miss Congeniality writer Marc Lawrence, who will also direct the flick. The movie is basically about Noelle being the responsible daughter in her family. Her dad, Santa, is going to retire from his longtime gig. While Noelle is expected to have a brother to take over the role of Santa Claus in the film, he will chicken out, leaving Anna Kendrick's character to take on his enormous responsibilities. Bill Hader and Billy Eichner are both expected to play prominent roles in the movie, with Hader reportedly signed on to play the delinquent brother who can't handle being Santa Claus.

The gig marks another holiday movie Anna Kendrick can tick off her box. This one should be pretty different from the indie dramedy Happy Christmas that came out back in 2014.

Although Anna Kendrick is sharing the first look at her holiday-based character, now, it's going to be a while before we see Noelle on the big screen. The Disney film is not hitting theaters until 2019. The good news, the holiday movie is expected to get a release around the holidays, and will be hitting theaters in November of that year. The bad news is that we are currently only in 2017, so we won't be seeing Anna Kendrick in a cheery holiday costume in the near future. That is, unless she keeps posting images to Instagram.

In the meantime, you can catch Anna Kendrick much sooner in the highly anticipated upcoming threequel, Pitch Perfect 3, which is also hitting around the holiday. That movie's still not out until later this year, but since that's much sooner than Noelle, we'll take it. You can catch Pitch Perfect 3 starting on December 22, 2017 or catch the trailer here. To find out what else is hitting theaters in the coming months, take a look at our full movies premiere schedule!

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