Bad Moms 3? Here's What The Producer Says

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Last year, Bad Moms became one of the most unexpected comedic box office sensations in recent memory. Building off of that success, the story of the overworked and underappreciated matriarchs will get the sequel treatment with tomorrow's release of A Bad Moms Christmas, but what about the possibility of a trilogy? Now it seems that it could happen, but it will depend on the success or failure of this new film. In a recent interview, Bad Moms producer Suzanne Todd addressed the possibility of a third installment and said:

Well, I don't want to spoil the ending of this film. But, when we have shown it in previews, there was some crazy percentage of people who said, 'Please make a third movie as soon as possible.' Because there is kind of a jumping off point at the end of the movie for maybe what you would do if you were going to do another movie. We will have to see. The first movie came out in summer. This movie comes out in the very, very crowded holiday season. I mean, as we point out in the movie, moms are busier than ever, so we're counting on them to do all their business and also come see a movie. All I can say is, 'We will see.'

For all of the fanfare and enthusiasm that the Bad Moms brand has managed to garner over the course of the last year, showbusiness is still a business. The first film found out-of-nowhere success debuting in the summer, but with movies like Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok (among many others) standing as huge draws for families this season, a threequel will definitely depend on how well A Bad Moms Christmas can perform.

Also worth noting in Suzanne Todd's comments to EW is the fact that A Bad Moms Christmas could smoothly segue (from a storytelling perspective) into a threequel if the franchise proves financially viable. We already know that the Christmas-themed sequel will see the introduction of Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon, and Cheryl Hines as the mothers of the original bad mothers, so a "jumping off point" could easily involve keeping them around for even more hijinks once the Christmas season has come to an end. There's a plan in place for this to happen; it just needs to make enough money to warrant it.

Of course, the ladies in front of the camera have already made a point to express their own interest in coming back for a third installment. When CinemaBlend asked about other actresses who could join the Bad Moms crew, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis threw out possible names like Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (just to name a few). It's a franchise that can accommodate pretty much any actress with strong comedic chops, so the possibilities seem pretty limitless.

Want a closer look at A Bad Moms Christmas? Check out an NSFW red band trailer for the upcoming R-rated comedy below!

For now, fans can look forward to A Bad Moms Christmas -- which opens in theaters tomorrow, November 1. Looking ahead to the next year, make sure to keep a close eye on CinemaBlend's 2017 movie premiere guide and 2018 movie premiere guide for more up-to-date information on everything coming to the big screen!

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