We Still Can't Get Enough Of These Deadpool 2 Thanksgiving Shots

Everyone seems to overlook the holiday of Thanksgiving, especially once Halloween has packed up and left town. But not Deadpool, as we've seen in not only his Norman Rockwell-inspired poster for Deadpool 2, but also the recent issue of Good Housekeeping he took over with some scrumptious holiday treats. And now, to complete the turkey day trifecta, he's posed for a brand new photo to get us all in the mood for next week's feast, as you'll see below.

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As you'll see, this latest image is an extension of the Thanksgiving takeover, as it includes a mention of the "sweet nuts" and "creamy clam (dip)" that were featured as recipes in the homemaking magazine. And if a crispy turkey with all the trimmings, being shown off by the Merc with the Mouth himself, doesn't cook your giblets, then this just might not be the movie for you. Naturally, we're all for this latest tease towards Deadpool 2's summer 2018 bid for box office dominance. Not only is this ingenious Facebook post a way to help folks slow down the Christmas Creep, it's also another unconventional win for the offbeat Marvel Comics property.

No other film, besides perhaps the animated turkey comedy Free Birds, has tapped into the Thanksgiving season as effectively as Deadpool 2. Unless, of course, you can think of another film that's both used Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" and a recipe for Clam Dip to push its theatrical release. Not even the most daunting of rom-coms has tried such a strategy, and the fact that Fox's record breaking Marvel foul-mouth is using such tactics as if they were the most natural of choices. But as we've seen in the past, everything from praising Wonder Woman's success to smuggling new footage for Deadpool 2 in an unexpected tribute to painter Bob Ross is on the table. If you missed that last example of exemplary viral marketing, you can check out the first footage from Deadpool 2, below.

With a June release date scheduled for the Ryan Reynolds sequel, this movie will need all the marketing points it can score to compete with such competition as Solo: A Star Wars Story and Ocean's 8. If that competitive spirit means that we get some killer recipes to take to our holiday tables, as well as some seriously funny images to keep us keyed up for Deadpool 2, then consider us thankful for Wade Wilson yet again. Deadpool 2 looks like it may "roast" the competition on June 1st, 2018. If you're curious to see what other future box office face offs loom ahead, take a good, hard look at our 2018 release schedule.

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