Luke Skywalker Looks Terrified In The Newest Star Wars: The Last Jedi Footage

Much of the build and speculation about Star Wars: The Last Jedi has centered on Luke, Rey and the never-ending struggle to achieve balance between the light and dark sides of the Force. As we inch closer to the release of the film, we've received more insight with each commercial, trailer and promo spot. The latest 30-second spot, titled "Tempt," starts out with a lot of material we have seen in other trailers, including some new angles. But the spine and latter half of this one is a doozy because whatever is going on with Rey has Jedi Master Luke Skywalker terrified. Check it out below.

Whoa. That is interesting. Not as much for what we see, but for what we hear. In the first teaser, Luke was heard asking Rey "What do you see?" to which she talked about the balance between the light and the dark. Here we see what seems like more of that exchange, and it appears to take place as Rey is either meditating or communing with the force. Rey says "Light, darkness and something else. It's calling me." Luke Skywalker, looking terrified, yells "Resist it, Rey!" to try and draw her back from whatever is calling out to her. What in the heck is the 'something else' here and why does its influence have Luke so scared? Now obviously this isn't necessarily all from the same scene and could be edited in such a way to misdirect the audience, but if it isn't, this raises interesting questions and possibilities for where this story will go.

Snoke hasn't been formally identified as a Sith, so we don't know if he is a full-fledged dark sider or if he falls under the 'something else' category. It's possible that Snoke and Kylo aren't this third side of the force, and they aren't what Luke is truly afraid of. The Jedi Master has been in who knows how many battles and he has seen some stuff, so if something scares him the way it appears to here, it must be pretty bad. Is that what he fears in Rey's power; the ability to see and access this 'something else'? Perhaps Rey isn't being tempted by Kylo and the dark side as we have been lead to believe, but by something else, something worse. Luke Skywalker believes the force to be so much bigger than light and dark. Maybe the balance between those two sides is necessary to prevent something else from entering the fold. Rey's struggle to choose a path will likely be a huge part of this movie.

Rey and Luke aren't the only ones in this TV spot, of course. There are other interesting elements featured, like the crystal foxes, which now have a name, as well as the battle between Finn and Captain Phasma. There are also a couple shots that make me think that things might not go so well for the Resistance in this movie. Poe is seen in his X-wing looking out as explosions go off around him in what could be their base. We also get a shot of Leia in a command center during what looks to be a tense situation, as well as a shot of her looking contemplatively out at what looks like Crait. This is shaping up to be that dark middle chapter many are hoping for.

We don't have long to wait to see what happens to the Resistance and to find out what is tempting Rey, as Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 15. Pre-order your tickets for opening weekend now.

Nick Evans

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