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Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been overshadowed by the death of Carrie Fisher in some ways. Her passing has led to a lot of questions about how the trilogy will move forward into Star Wars Episode IX. In addition, the lack of Carrie Fisher has been felt, at press events, among the cast and crew and in general in relation to the future of the Star Wars universe. For last night's premiere, however, one theater found a way to really commemorate Carrie Fisher in a memorable way. The TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood created a special plaque for Fisher on the property. You can check it out, below, and don't worry, we'll stay spoiler-free in this article, too.

The Chinese Theater also revealed that Carrie Fisher's brother was there the same day as the premiere and the plaque unveiling. Surrounding him were plenty of fans who were so pumped for the event they popped up in costume and more. It was a momentous day that will likely live on in a lot of people's memories. However, the brand new plaque for the actress who plays General Leia is a nice reminder of what Carrie Fisher has meant to Star Wars fans. In addition, it also commemorates the date of the big premiere.

In case you were wondering, of course Carrie Fisher's dog Gary was there for the momentous occasion, and he had some pretty sweet digs on to boot.

The Chinese Theater is a Hollywood icon. The signatures and hand and footprints of some of Hollywood's biggest names have been etched there for years, and the theater has become a huge tourist attraction, and as such the unveilingFisher plaque should only add to its quality as a place to stop and remember why we love movies so much. It's also one more big moment that has come out of an epic premiere week that also featured a droid bowing to Prince William and Harry, an epic moment between Daisy Ridley and newcomer Kelly Marie Tran and Billie Lourd's tribute to her mother in the form of her bun, among others.

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This weekend, Star Wars: The Last Jedi officially hits theaters. It marks one of Carrie Fisher's final appearances as an actress, and it also should prove to feature some big moments for General Leia Organa. You can find out yourself by catching a screening of Episode VIII this weekend, and if you haven't gotten your tickets yet, head here.

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