Should We Believe What Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tells Us About Rey's Parents?

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Warning: spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are present. If you haven't seen the film yet, and are afraid of ruining the plot, please bookmark this story and come back once you're current.

By the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there's quite a few surprises thrown our way. A new generation seems primed to learn the ways of The Force, Luke is now out of the picture and presumably a Force ghost, and the temporary budding friendship between Kylo Ren and Rey looks to turn to an adversarial relationship. But in the middle of the film, a pretty big truth is dropped on us... or at least, we think it's the truth. If we're to believe the film's narrative, Kylo tells Rey just who her parents were, and how important they are to the Star Wars universe on the whole.

But should we take this revelation at face value, or is this another ploy in the long game that is a typical Star Wars trilogy? Well, we're here to talk that out, as the revelation about Rey's parentage is definitely worth talking about on its own, as well as why it's potentially either a proper truth or a dirty lie. Last call for those who are worried about spoilers, as we're heading into hyperspace, and landing on the matter at hand.

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What The Last Jedi Tells Us

During a conversation between Kylo Ren and Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kylo is trying to seduce Rey to the his side. In that moment, he claims that Rey has always known who her parents have been, and their significance to the world. But instead of the Skywalker or Solo lineage folks thought would be present, Kylo states that her parents were no one special at all. In fact, they were drunk gamblers that sold her into her orphan state on Jakku. Nothing parents, consigning their nothing daughter, to a nothing planet. Of course, Rey turned out to be something more than nothing, but as far as her parents are concerned, we've been flapping our Porg wings over nothing. That having been said, should we really believe what Kylo Ren has revealed to Rey? Well, let's take a look at both sides of the argument.

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No, Because The Sith Are Known To Lie

Obviously, trusting Kylo Ren isn't always good for your health. Just ask his dearly deceased father, who found out the hard way at the end of a lightsaber. Whether he doesn't self-identify as a Sith or not, Kylo Ren is indeed a practitioner of the Dark Side of The Force. He really wants Rey to be won to his side of the galaxy, so the two of them can break the old system and bring order to all. So obviously, he's going to tell her what he thinks will break her spirit, convincing her to go against her lighter intentions. The man killed his own father, was ready to kill his own uncle, and has been known to do what he feels he has to in order to make the winning play. But then again, is it really in Kylo's nature to be like this?

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Yes, Because Kylo Isn't Completely Dark

True, Kylo Ren / Ben Solo isn't the best person in the Star Wars galaxy. But, at the same time, Star Wars: The Last Jedi highlighted the insecurity and weakness that's given this character such a hard time when it comes to fully converting to the Dark Side. You can see this in his moments with Rey, as he's still struggling with being a completely dark figure. Again, part of this is because he doesn't self-identify as a Sith, but rather he's obsessed with breaking traditions and starting something new. But also, you see that Kylo has an actual affinity to Rey, and rather than crush her, he wants to team up with her. In his mind, he's a hero who's destined to create and rule a new order of power, and he really wants Rey by his side. Through this lens, he's not lying to her about her parents, he's removing her delusions about their identity being worth a damn. He's telling a friend the harshest truth, and offering his hand to help pick up the pieces and get the job done.

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Where We Stand

After two movies worth of analysis of Kylo Ren's personality, we see a young man in conflict who ultimately finds his direction in the world in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While he may have committed cold-blooded acts of villainy, Kylo isn't acting out of malice, but rather doing what he feels will forward his journey. While this could support the theory that he's lying to Rey, his attitude towards her and his treatment of her in captivity convinces us that what he's told her isn't a lie. Not only does this conclusion fit what we've seen in front of our eyes, it fits the overall strategy of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which subverts the franchise's tropes at every turn.

Of course, Star Wars: Episode IX could change this, but we're certainly hoping that's not the case, as this is a fresh direction for the legendary galactic saga to move itself towards.

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