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Mustachegate is the gift that keeps on giving. Henry Cavill's digitally removed mustache in Justice League was a bit of a black eye for the film but has turned into an everlasting internet humor machine. Now, with a title and the first images for Mission: Impossible - Fallout beginning to trickle out, we get to finally see Henry Cavill's character sporting the infamous, wildly expensive and kryptonite-powered facial hair that caused so many problems for Justice League. Naturally, the internet saw this as an opportunity to have fun with the mustache that launched a thousand memes. Take a look:

Fantastic stuff. It's looking like Henry Cavill will be a villain in this new film, given that Tom Cruise has said Ethan Hunt chases him, but that is a heroic mustache. The original image from Mission: Impossible - Fallout surfaced on The Graham Norton Show and shows Henry Cavill's mustachioed character walking past Angela Bassett at the Eiffel Tower. With her looking back at him as he walks away, this is just prime material for Twitter tomfoolery. The longing Batman, watching the powerful mustache walk away is excellent, but somebody really needs to get a sad Affleck in there.

Which is worse, losing a homeworld you never knew, or the loss of a hard-earned soup strainer that'll take months to grow back? Superman's lamenting in this image makes the answer quite plain.

This one ventures into the truly weird and absurd. Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor? Excellent. But why is the almost former Superman, Nicolas Cage in there?

I especially like this one with Batman walking hand in hand with CGI-shave Superman but looking back as the debonair, all-natural and Burt Reynolds-esque, Mission: Impossible Henry Cavill passes by.

When it's all said and done, is Henry Cavill's mustache the most discussed, dissected, problematic and maligned facial hair in cinematic history? I don't know, but there's a strong case that it might be. It's a shame we never got a bearded, black-suited Superman. C'est la vie, I suppose. Of course these jokes are all good-natured fun and quite silly when you consider what a huge deal some hair on a dude's face has become. It's best to just have fun with this because it isn't going to stop anytime soon. The leadup to Mission: Impossible - Fallout will be full of Henry Cavill memes. We've probably got at least another five years or so of the actor's facial hair in his various roles being analyzed and joked about.

Justice League hits Blu-ray on March 13th and while it will have some bonus scenes, there will sadly not be the much-demanded Snyder Cut. Alas, that likely rules out the more unlikely, but no less necessary, Mustache Cut we need and deserve. With any luck, Warner Bros. and DC will have some fun with the whole thing and begin Man of Steel 2 with a mustachioed Clark Kent with a nagging Lois Lane asking him when he's going to shave that thing.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout, with the full power of Henry Cavill's facial hair, hits theaters on July 27th. For all the latest in facial hair representation on film and the ongoing saga of Mustachegate, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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