Why Filming Sex Scenes For Fifty Shades Freed Was So Challenging

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Although Fifty Shades Freed will switch gears a little and give the fanbase a movie that is equal parts thriller and sex, filming the sex scenes was still pretty challenging. Fifty Shades Freed lead Dakota Johnson recently explained on Late Night with Seth Meyers that Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed filmed back-to-back, which meant that all of the sex scenes were filmed in close proximity to one another, as well. Per Johnson, acting sweaty and in the throes of passion when these scenes are filmed in succession can be challenging.

It was tricky because we had to go back and forth between obviously both movies. Cause' some locations would be the same and then we kind of did all of the sex scenes at the same time... We do them all back-to-back pretty much because they are in the same locations. So, you want to try and mix it up and have them not be all the same.

Yeah, that's right, Fifty and Ana have sex in a lot of the same places. There's his place, of course, which includes the Red Room. They also really like the boathouse at his parent's place. Then, there are other scenes that could be done in the same locations, like fooling around in cars and showers and more. After Fifty Shades of Grey was completed, it looks as if the production team decided it would be more advantageous to just bang through all of those scenes quickly, pun intended. It probably made sense, budget-wise, to film Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed at the same time, but it also wasn't a cakewalk for the actors.

Sex scenes are notably pretty uncomfortable. Movies do a lot to try and make them less so by only allowing the necessary people into the room, and giving actors and actresses the ability to cover their private parts. (A wee-bag, as Jamie Dornan calls it.) However, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have to film these sorts of scenes a lot, so at this point, it's probably a little less awkward than it used to be, although Johnson has been candid previously about how she gets through filming all the sex for the movies. According to Johnson, the bigger issue is figuring out how to vary things up a bit. It takes more than whips and spreader bars to act, people.

Elsewhere during Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host touched on Christian Grey's impending marriage to Anastasia Steele, with both cracking jokes about how since Ana is married to Christian, they will soon be at a place where their relationship only has "one shade." You can check out the amusing clip, below.

Fifty Shades Freed officially hits theaters on February 9. If you'd like to check out more about the movie, head here.

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