Of Course Fifty Shades Of Grey Fans Are Having Sex In The Woods By Jamie Dornan's House

fifty shades freed sex scene

For years now, Fifty Shades of Grey has encouraged its fans to engage in all manner of explicit acts, the kinds Anastasia Steele would refer to as "kinky fuckery." However, none of the Fifty Shades craze had really extended into The Cotswalds until Fifty Shade Freed star Jamie Dornan moved in there. Now, reportedly, some people have begun fulfilling their deepest desires to be like Christian and Ana in the woods near Dornan's house.

That's right, people are heading into the woods near Jamie Dornan's home and are reportedly acting out scenes straight from the screen, or the pages of E.L. James' novels. One of the residents living near Dornan told The Daily Star that people have always occasionally gotten down and dirty in the woods, and the location is even listed on a swingers website as a place with "lots of entrances and exits to the woods, great not to look too obvious." However, two years ago when the Fifty Shades Freed actor moved into the neighborhood, the fantasies reportedly ramped up.

In addition, they got more specific, as one person who spoke with the outlet mentioned their partner was walking in the woods near Stroud, Glos when he heard a couple fornicating in the woods. He also distinctly heard the woman calling her partner "Mr. Grey."

Jamie Dornan bought in The Cotswalds back in 2015. He dropped £1.75million on a large home that also includes a swimming pool and a tennis court. It is reportedly secluded and located in a swath of woods.

Although a lot of people clearly enjoy the story between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, in real life, Jamie Dornan has mentioned that he and his co-star Dakota Johnson are far closer to "brother and sister." He also recently explained that the sex scenes are a little less sexy to film than we might guess, as he and Johnson cover their private parts. He, in particular used a "wee-bag" that had previously been used on the set of a different film, which made filming the sex scenes even less sexy. And Dakota Johnson has also said the Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed scenes were filmed in quick succession, so it seems the production team got them out of the way pretty quickly.

Still, the chemistry on the big screen is pretty memorable, memorable enough for Universal to commission all three movies based on the books. If you'd like to see Christian and Ana back at their usual antics, the sexual thriller will hit theaters on February 9, and will feature a wedding, a honeymoon and more! In addition, you can see what other big movies are coming up with CinemaBlend's full movies schedule.

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