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In case you hadn't heard, Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman inspired a phenomenon last summer. The film, viewed by many as the best title of the growing DC Extended Universe, was unquestionably one of the biggest hits of 2017, but it's also guaranteed to be watched time and time again by fans at home for decades to come. Blu-rays and DVDs will obviously be very important in making that happen, but for those who stick to streaming services, you'll be happy to know that the movie will be on HBO Now and HBO Go starting February 10th.

The classic competition for Netflix and Hulu is launching a whole bunch of good stuff this month, including Ridley Scott's original Alien, Steven Speilberg's E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, John McTiernan's Predator, and Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs The World. But - via Vulture - while all of those movies have been available on streaming before, the HBO launch will mark a debut for Wonder Woman, following up on the film's remarkable blockbuster performance last summer.

By the time it was done with its theatrical run, Wonder Woman made enough to ultimately be considered the third biggest film of 2017. While the movie was made for a hefty $149 million, by the time it was done playing on the big screen around the world it made $821.8 million. The blockbuster has continued to strengthen its legacy thanks to the home video market, where it has made an estimated extra $92.4 million in sales, but obviously being available for streaming will only further that.

Having Wonder Woman available to stream is a great thing, as fans will have the chance to enjoy rewatching the movie as much as they want, but the release is cool for another reason too. In case you hadn't heard, Ryan Coogler's Black Panther is right around the corner, and is once again a superhero film centered on a classic character who comes from their own very special world located right here on Earth. In a strange way, despite coming from two competing franchises, the blockbusters kind of balance each other out, and it might be a fun plan to try and craft a special double feature.

With the release of Wonder Woman on HBO Go/HBO Now this Saturday, February 10th, it will be the first DC Extended Universe title from 2017 to start streaming, as Zack Snyder's Justice League is still waiting for that kind of exposure. Perhaps it will only take until the end of the year for that to change, allowing fans to re-experience that title before they have a chance to dive into James Wan's Aquaman this December. Needless to say, it would be pretty great if all of the franchise titles were available for instant watch before the latest feature arrived in theaters.

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