How Kane Hodder Feels About Another Friday The 13th Movie

Jason Voorhees

The horror genre is in the midst of a renaissance at the moment. New and exciting projects have hit theaters in the past few years, making money and becoming critical successes in the process. In fact, Jordan Peele's Get Out is even nominated for a bevy of Academy Awards, proving that audiences and critics alike are paying real attention to the genre. And with the trend of nostalgia influencing the film world, it seems only a matter of time before all the classic slasher properties are brought back. Halloween has a new movie coming out in October, so could Friday the 13th follow? Actor Kane Hodder, who has played Jason Voorhees in four different sequels, seems to think so. He recently said:

You've gotta do one more Friday movie, too. It'll be the thirteenth one.

Does anybody else have chills? Horror fans would no doubt love for Jason to return to the silver screen, and the fact that it would be the 13th movie in the franchise makes it even more exciting. Now we just have to get a studio like Blumhouse involved.

Kane Hodder's comments to We Got This Covered highlight what good timing it would be to create another Friday the 13th movie. The most recent outing came in 2009, so it's been nearly a decade since the last time we saw Jason swing his machete to chop down some unsuspecting teenagers. It could be especially impactful for being the whopping 13th film in the franchise. This type of event could allow for some new and interesting storytelling, rather than simply continuing the franchise, and Jason's never ending thirst for blood.

Considering how well the horror genre is currently resonating with audiences, it seems like only a matter of time before Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and all the other classic franchises return to the silver screen. These possibly sequels all seem to depend on the performance of the new Halloween movie. In celebration of the franchise's 40 year anniversary, the new movie will be a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original film. If the film ends up being anywhere near the success of IT, then we should expect the classic horror franchises of the past to once again return. Considering the fact that Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Nick Castle are all involved in the new Halloween, odds seem in the upcoming sequel's favor.

Regarding Friday the 13th's future, the franchise will have to find a way to emotionally affect people in order for it to come back. Since there are no series protagonists to bring back besides Jason, it's going to take an original script to bring the slasher back to theaters. For now, we'll just have to settle for playing the very successful Friday the 13th video game.

Do you think that Friday the 13th should come back? Sound off in the comments below. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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