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Death is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oh, people have died before, but critics aren't totally wrong when they say death is often not a lasting consequence in these movies. Quicksilver and technically the original Groot are the only super-powered people to take a permanent dirt nap, but all of that is promised to change in Avengers: Infinity War. Everyone from the Russo brothers to Robert Downey Jr. is telling fans to get their tissues ready because some fan-favorite characters are going away forever. Obviously, some characters are still bulletproof, but several others can't say the same.

For the purposes of this list, we're only looking at characters that can die in Infinity War. Avengers 4 will surely have its fair share of death, but let's not put the cart before the horse. Lots of actors have contracts ending which means they all have the potential to end up on the chopping block, creating a big sense of unpredictability. Ranked from lowest to highest, these are the seven who seem the most likely to die in Infinity War.


Drax the Destroyer has risen to be a surprise fan-favorite character for his blunt humor and a down for anything performance from Dave Bautista. However, Drax's vendetta against Thanos -- who murdered Drax's family through Ronan -- coupled with his reckless actions put a huge target on Drax's back. His death is very possible. However, I have a hard time believing that any of the main Guardians will get killed off before James Gunn has a chance to wrap up their stories in his own film. The movie is getting billed as "no one is safe," but it's tough to picture Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 without the core five.


The "daughter" of Thanos has a more emotional connection than almost anyone else to Thanos, which doesn't exactly means that she's safe. If anything, it only means that Thanos or the Black Order (Gamora's "siblings") are even more likely to kill her for betraying the family. However, Gamora is Thanos' favorite daughter, and their connection will be explored further via flashback (according to the latest trailer), so Thanos may let her past transgressions slide... for this movie.

Iron Man

Just because he's the man who started it all doesn't mean he'll be there when it all ends. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is unquestionably the main character of the MCU, so if he dies at all, it'll likely be in Avengers 4 to truly put a stamp on the most successful modern movie franchise. However, it would be interesting to see him die in Infinity War if nothing else than for the pure shock value of it (which would be a lot). It'd be an unsuspected twist but there are other core Avengers character that may be better served taking the bullet for Tony in this movie.


The son of Odin got a major boost in Thor: Ragnarok and he seems poised to continue that in Infinity War. Thor has some of the most screen time of any character in the film, according to the directors, and he goes on his own special mission to stop Thanos. With so much focus being placed on Thor, one can't help but wonder if his death is being set up for this movie. A big character will likely die, and Thor certainly fits that bill. We've already seen him encounter Thanos in the trailers, and while I very much doubt that's Thor's death scene, it could be the spark that sets him off on his final journey.

Captain America

Captain America (Chris Evans) is perhaps one of the only characters that just about everyone is positive will die before Phase 3 is over. Even though there have been no serious hints of that in the movies, Cap does have a notable death in the comics, and his mantle has passed down to at least two different characters. People want to see that happen, and there might be no better opportunity than going out against the single greatest threat to the universe: Thanos. There's no better way for Cap to go out than standing up to the ultimate bully, meaning Cap's death would carry a lot of weight. Steve Rogers is in Avengers 4, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's alive. Plus, the trailer kind of want us to think Cap is in danger, which means Marvel might throw a curve ball and have him live.


The other daughter of Thanos, Nebula has not been as fortunate as Gamora. She's been physically and emotionally tortured by Thanos and a huge part of her character is how badly she wants to kill him. That vendetta isn't going away in Infinity War and Nebula will likely come face to face with her father. It's highly unlikely that confrontation ends in her favor. Nebula is a good character, but she's not high enough up on the list where she's vital to the future of the MCU. She's at just the right level to set the ball rolling and teach the audience that, yes, people will die in this movie.


I'm sorry, Vision, but you're a dead man. Vision (Paul Bettany) was marked for death from the moment he was born. The Mind Stone in his head that gives him life is necessary to power the Infinity Gauntlet, making Vision one of the most vulnerable characters in the movie. It's not totally clear if Vision needs the Mind Stone to live or how long he can last without it, but that thing's coming out one way or the other, and that doesn't spell good news for the Synthezoid.

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