Rocket Raccoon Is Less Excited About Meeting The Avengers Than Everyone Else

Rocket Raccoon Avengers Infinity War

With the upcoming debut of Avengers: Infinity War, audiences will get to see their heroes meet and intermingle for the first time. One of the most exciting elements of the equation is the injection of the Guardians of the Galaxy team into the ensemble, as the colorful personalities will undoubtedly create a bizarre mixture with people like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. That said, it sounds like Rocket Raccoon won't be particularly enthused to meet Earth's mightiest heroes when the whole thing goes down. Rocket mo-cap actor Sean Gunn opened up during an appearance at MCM Comic Con in England and explained:

It was certainly fun to see many of these new characters through the eyes of Rocket [Raccoon], because Rocket does not have the same sort of reverence for the superheroes that the average earthling is going to have. So, I think there is a lot of fun there.

Of all the heroes who work on Star-Lord's team, Rocket tends to be the one who causes the most trouble. He doesn't have many sincere bones in his body, and it's hard to imagine him showing much "reverence" for any of the heroes that he will meet when Avengers: Infinity War debuts. He's as cynical as ever, and it looks like we shouldn't expect that to change very much during the initial introductions.

Sean Gunn's remarks to Screen Geek at MCM Comic Con seem particularly interesting when we consider who Rocket will find himself paired up with during Avengers: Infinity War. We don't have too much information to work with as far as the character's full arc in the movie is concerned, but the most recent trailer for Infinity War seems to promise that Teen Groot and Rocket will spend quite a bit of time with Thor in their quest to join up with the others and prevent Thanos from getting his hands on the Infinity Stones. Considering Rocket's apathy towards the heroes around him, it leads us to wonder if we will see a continuation of the humor streak seen in Thor: Ragnarok, particularly as it relates to other characters not caring about The God of Thunder's god status.

Rocket's disinterest in some of Earth's mightiest heroes may also stem from the fact that he has seen some reasonably outlandish stuff during his time as an adventurer in the cosmos. Between the battle against Ronan the Accuser and watching Peter Quill actually hold an Infinity Stone in Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the body count that the late Yondu was able to rack up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, it stands to reason that the typically-jaded trash panda might not consider some members of The Avengers team all that impressive. In fact, the technology used by heroes like T'Challa or Tony Stark might seem downright primitive compared to the stuff that he uses.

Audiences will finally get to see Rocket Raccoon interact with the other members of The Avengers roster when Avengers: Infinity War debuts in theaters next month on April 27.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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