Hugh Jackman's Next Movie Will Be With A La La Land Producer

Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman

Actor/singer/ general badass Hugh Jackman has had a very exciting year at the box office. He officially retired from playing Wolverine in the X-Men franchise with James Mangold's acclaimed and Oscar nominated Logan. The holiday season also brought The Greatest Showman to theaters, once again allowing the Tony Award winning actor to show off his pipes for audiences. Both movies made tons of money at the box office, and now it looks like Jackman has found his next major project. This time he's teaming up with a La La Land producer, which seems like just about the perfect fit.

Hugh Jackman is reportedly eyeing a role in Bad Education, which is being produced by La La Land's Fred Berger. While Jackman's potential role is a mystery, the still developing film is reportedly centered around a High School, inspired by writer Mike Makowsky's real life experiences. Thoroughbreds director Cory Finley is attached to help the project, which would bring Jackman back from his brief filming hiatus. In addition to Berger, the film will also be produced by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones from Automatik, Oren Moverman of Sight Unseen, alongside Eddie Vaisman and Julia Lebedev.

Reports of Hugh Jackman's potential involvement in Bad Education, which come to us from Variety, will no doubt excite musical fans, as both he and Fred Berger are known for their work in big budget musical blockbusters. But should we expect Jackman to end up singing in the new movie? Probably not, as Jackman has tended to alternate his musical roles in films like The Greatest Showman and Les Miserables with heavier dramas like Eddie the Eagle and Chappie.

Aside from his (almost) Oscar winning work on La La Land, producer Fred Berger also has a few other notable credits- none of which contain musical numbers. Some of his credits include The Autopsy of Jane Doe and horror movie I Think We're Alone Now. He's also currently got about a dozen films in either post-production or pre-production, so Berger has become a very busy man. We'll just have to see if Bad Education ends up moving forward. With Hugh Jackman possibly involved, it could help land other big names in the cast.

Of course, Fred Berger was also involved in envelope gate from the 2017 Academy Awards. When La La Land falsely won best picture instead of Moonlight, each of the producers got to make their speeches, as the confusion was sorted out on stage. Berger was one of the last producers to make his brief speech at the mic, which ended with "we lost, by the way", and the truth being dropped. Check it out below.

La La Land was still a massive success, and it seems like Fred Berger's career has really taken off since Damien Chazelle's musical love story hit theaters. Now let's hope that Bad Education will have far fewer awkward moments.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on Bad Education and Hugh Jackman as more details become public. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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