Kevin Smith Celebrates Surviving Heart Attack With A Trip To Disneyland

Kevin Smith just survived a major heart attack, and to celebrate still being alive and stuff, Smith took his family to Disneyland. The director and his family dressed in their Disney best and headed over to the parks, whereupon Smith shared the obligatory "in front of the castle photo." It's a small one compared to Disney World's castle. Check it out.

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In my time living on this planet I have realized there are two kinds of people out there. There are Disney people, and there are not-Disney people. Kevin Smith is apparently a Disney person, and he took to social media to share his family returning to the famous theme park following his recent heart attack. Apparently, when he and his family were living much closer to Anaheim they used to be season passholders. (Don't get me started on how the cost of those puppies have gone up.) So, this seems to have been a nice day of nostalgia for the family, and the Smith family also got to spend some quality time together.

Kevin Smith, his wife Jen Schwalbach and their daughter Harley Quinn Smith spent a good chunk of the day in the Disneyland riding a lot of rides. In fact, Smith said on Instagram that they got on nearly everything that was not shut down, except for the Indiana Jones Adventure ride and the Mad Tea Party ride, which is a spinner and therefore nausea-inducing in some people, albeit a classic ride. There are medical note signs on some of the rides, but presumably Kevin Smith has been feeling well-enough post-heart attack to handle riding.

The Red State director has been remarkably open about what happened with his heart attack and what happened in the aftermath of his health event in recent weeks. He's previously said he's changed around his diet and exercise habits following the "widowmaker" heart attack that almost did him in. In the weeks since his heart attack, he's already lost 20 pounds. He also shared many of details about what happened leading up to and after his hospitalization, which is a point of view we don't often get into health issues of that ilk.

It's glad to see Kevin Smith is back up and on his feet, and even riding rides. Here's to continued success with weight loss goals, and the hope that he is back at work directing TV episodes for the CW and other projects soon. We already know the prolific director has some film projects that have been announced, including a sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back and reportedly Mallrats 2, Mallbrats. Hollyweed and Killroy was Here are also in the works. We'll keep you updated on all things Kevin Smith, but for now you can take a look at what is heading to theaters with our full schedule.

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