John Cena Is Nude In Blockers, Here's What We Know

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Blockers, the new raunch comedy about a group of parents trying to prevent their teens from losing their respective virginities, hits theaters this coming weekend. If you've seen the trailer for the flick, you've seen the eggplant emoji jokes, the car chases and one memorable scene involving butt chugging. However, there's one facet of the movie the trailer doesn't make clear. Former pro wrestler and current Blockers movie star John Cena takes it off in the movie, and he and his co-stars have been pretty open about what happens.

His co-star Leslie Mann recently opened up about one scene in question during an appearance on Today this week, admitting that John Cena does drop trou in the upcoming flick, saying about the scene,

He does. He likes being naked. And he looks great. And so why not?

We're about to get into some more specific spoilers, here, so if you want to go into the comedy with no knowledge, head out now. The scene in question Leslie Mann was discussing was a butt-chugging scene during the movie, a scene that has played a big part in the trailers for Blockers. In order to gain access to a high school party, the trailer shows that John Cena and co. have to pretend they are cool and willing to drink with teens, after which Cena's character pulls down his pants and totally butt chugs. It's a scene that has already stood out in the ads and is likely to continue to stand out when the movie hits screens.

Director Kay Cannon has called John Cena's nude work in Blockers "naked Marco Polo," telling MTV,

At the beginning of shooting, I was very conservative with him, being like, 'Are you OK doing the...' you know, I was very delicate. At the end, I was just like, 'OK, I need you naked.' And he actually feels more comfortable naked then clothed.

Cena also previously has talked about his nude work in Blockers, bringing up that he does at least have a shirt on during the butt-chugging scene, so that one was not full nudity. He told Ellen a while back that after Trainwreck's nude scene he and Nikki Bella now go over the options before he signs on the dotted line.

For the Trainwreck one I did not. I was just like, 'Eh, it'll be fine.' I was wrong. So, that was a problem, and that ended up being a tough discussion and now we review all the material that is thrown in my direction and we come to the conclusion that it will be OK.

The actor has also mentioned that fans should stick around until the end of the movie for more nude surprises, noting,

There's kind of a little scene at the end--stay for the end after the end--that involves me in my birthday suit. And it took a while to film. So, I was just in my birthday suit for a long time. And the in-between stuff of 'Yeah, we got to clean up and reset,' and I'm just kind-of kicking it. It made everyone... it's uncomfortable to be in your birthday suit. So, I'm like, 'You know what; I'm just going to make everyone feel like me.' And, boy did they ever.

The additional nude scene in question, as John Cena mentioned also mentioned to MTV, took six hours to shoot. So, in conclusion, there's plenty of John Cena in Blockers and if all of that seems like your type of thing, you can check out the movie when it hits theaters on April 6. In addition, you can take a look at the less nude movies hitting theaters with our full schedule.

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