Will Beerfest 2 Ever Happen? Here’s What Broken Lizard Said

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Broken Lizard has produced several cult classic films over the years, but few have generated the level of enthusiasm enjoyed by Beerfest. The booze-themed bro comedy has become a fan-favorite in the years since its 2006 debut, leading many fans to clamor for a sequel. That raises one very specific question: is Beerfest 2 happening? Well, as it turns out, Broken Lizard addressed this question at a recent screening of Super Troopers 2 in Los Angeles during a Q&A session after the movie. In response to the query, director Jay Chandrasekhar said:

We have a story for it. So yeah.

That's short, sweet, and to the point. Beerfest 2 has not officially been announced yet, but Jay Chandrasekhar wants us to know that they have a story in place, which is a vital step towards turning the film into a reality. As fans of the original will likely remember, the original Beerfest ended with the promise of more adventures in that universe (with the guys going off to participate in "Potfest" with Willy Nelson), so it is obvious that there's room to maneuver and craft more narratives in that world.

Of course, other members of the Broken Lizard troupe were not quite as calm in the face of that question. When asked about Beerfest 2, Rod Farva actor Kevin Heffernan hilariously exploded and jokingly scolded the audience for asking that question, saying:

Come on! We just finished this fucking thing! What do you want from us!? Jesus!

He has a point. Super Troopers 2 experienced a long and difficult journey to the silver screen, and even used a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to make it a reality. They're still focused on making sure that the release of Super Troopers 2 goes off without a hitch, so if Beerfest 2 is going to be announced, it likely won't be for a while.

Beerfest 2 isn't the only project in this universe worth looking out for. Specifically, there have been rumors that The CW intends to do a Beerfest digital series set in the same world, albeit without the presence of the Broken Lizard troupe. It's unclear as to when this project will move forward (if it is still even happening at all), but this definitely seems to show that there are multiple parties interested in seeing the Beerfest brand expand and continue beyond the beloved original.

CinemaBlend will bring you updates related to Beerfest 2 as more information becomes available to us. For now, make sure to watch out for Broken Lizard's latest project when Super Troopers 2 (appropriately) debuts in theaters later this month on April 20, and head over to our movie premiere guide to see what other films are set to debut in 2018!

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