New Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Video Has Massive Dinosaurs Terrifying Everyone

The thing about dinosaurs that was so perfectly captured in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is that they are both awe-inspiring and terrifying. These creatures from so long ago, that are so unknown to us, continue to capture our imagination and frighten us with their majesty and their size. This is why Jurassic Park is as much of a horror movie as it is an adventure film, and that is what Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks to be getting back to. The latest video really plays up the scale of the dinosaurs and just how freaking scary they actually are. Take a look.

Wow, that surfing shot with what appears to be the gigantic Mosasaurus from the tank in Jurassic World, lurking beneath the waves? That is absolutely awesome and terrifying. I can't even imagine how frightening that would be in real life. This is a really cool shot and played serious, as opposed to the Megaladon in the recent trailer for The Meg that leaned into campy territory. It's interesting, the Tyrannosaurus Rex in San Diego in The Lost World is remembered as somewhat silly, but all the instances here of dinosaurs out in the world are super scary. That is the one thing that is really coming through with this video, Fallen Kingdom is aiming to be frightening.

We've heard that J.A. Bayona is will be taking this sequel in a darker and scarier direction and that definitely appears to be the case. J.A. Bayona directed the horror film The Orphanage as well as two episodes of the brilliant Penny Dreadful and you can see those horror sensibilities here. That scene with the raptor stalking Owen on top of an atrium, in the dark, in the middle of a thunderstorm, is truly terrifying stuff and it looks very cool. This video also really captures the scale of the dinosaurs, like when Chris Pratt's Owen Grady is in the trailer with Rexy. He may be trying to save the queen of Isla Nublar but she is still a force of nature and not to be trifled with.

This video is actually an announcement for a new trailer that will be hitting on Wednesday and it must be commended for being a 30-second spot and not the ultra-short trailers for trailers that have become trendy in recent years, bravo. Hopefully once we get the full trailer it will do as good a job as this video at playing up the horror elements. I'm excited to see what J.A. Bayona can do with this franchise and the animal rights aspect this movie will tackle. Although I am concerned that this movie could face a stumbling block if it does too much with the potential militarization of the dinosaurs. Either way, the return of Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm is very exciting.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters on June 22nd. To see all the biggest movies hitting theaters this year, check out our release schedule and for the latest on why dinosaurs don't make good pets, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Nick Evans

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