Why Falcon Probably Won't Die In Avengers: Infinity War, According To Anthony Mackie

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Big things are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War, and much of that may have to do with the fact that we will eventually say goodbye to some classic characters. Death pools have already started for some of Marvel's most beloved heroes, but now actor Anthony Mackie seems to think that Falcon is completely safe from being killed off because of his ability to fly away from the danger. In a recent interview, the Detroit actor explained:

I think Falcon falls into 'you're totally safe,' because I fly. So the fact that I fly puts me above all the danger. So I can just grab Cap and get outta there, whereas if you're the Winter Soldier, you're done for, man. You're in the thick of it, there's no way outta that.

So, while everyone is getting his or her hands dirty down in the Battle of Wakanda, Falcon stands apart because of his ability to soar above the action and shoot down at the army sent by Thanos (Josh Brolin). If things get too hairy for The Avengers, all he would have to do is swoop down to pick up Captain America (Chris Evans) and get out of danger while everyone else gets killed. It's a morbid thought for sure, and according to Mackie to what Mackie told Chris Van Vliet, it doesn't necessarily bode well for a foot soldier like Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). Those guys really don't like each other yet, do they?

That's not to say that Falcon hasn't found himself in danger at various points in time. Ever since the character's formal introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe back during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he has consistently found himself on the frontlines of some significant battles -- including instances in which his flight rig has stopped working. If Falcon maintains his ability to fly when the fight for the Infinity Stones kicks into high-gear, then logic would dictate that he will remain safe, but we will have to wait and see if that holds true in the chaos of the looming war.

Of course, even with these remarks, none of this changes the fact that the potential character deaths in Avengers: Infinity War remain total mysteries to us. Anthony Mackie hasn't explicitly confirmed or denied any definitive character moments, though he also made sure to joke that he will be happy as long as Marvel kills off Spider-Man. If nothing else (and as unlikely as that seems), this further reinforces the fact that Tom Holland is basically the younger sibling that the rest of Marvel likes to playfully make fun of from time to time.

Marvel will show us whether or not Falcon is genuinely safe when Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on April 27.

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