Whether you've seen Avengers: Infinity War or not, there's almost no way you've escaped the film's presence. Beyond offering up the biggest opening weekend box office in cinema history, it has also featured heavily in product promotions, cross-over events and late night television appearances. It has turned into so much more than just a spring blockbuster, which is probably why it shouldn't surprise anyone that Infinity War has started to have an effect on porn searches too.

Our friends over at Pornhub sent us over some statistics on the superhero-related porn searches, and not surprisingly, the term "Avengers" has skyrocketed 356% since the film opened. There's just something about those costumes and the whole saving the world thing that gets people excited. Or at least excited about one of the characters.

That's the thing. The key to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both from a wholesome fan perspective and from a getting your rocks off perspective, is that there are so many different heroes to choose from. Everyone has his or her favorite, and that extends to the bedroom too.

Fortunately, we now have some hard data to prove who people are lusting after the most. Pornhub shot us over the 14 characters who have been searched for the most, and we're going to present them in order. Ready? Then like a superhero suit in a porn parody, we're off...

#14 Loki

Tom Hiddleston is an incredibly attractive guy. Taylor Swift thought so. A lot of fans think so. There's just something about Loki's scheming and whining though that holds him back here. No one dreams of the scrawny little brother. Or apparently less people dream of the scrawny little brother.

#13 Nebula

Weird. Weird. Weird. I don't want to be judgy and people can be into whatever they want. It's not even the blue thing. She just has so much weirdness going on with her basic appearance, but I guess some people would prefer the maladjusted sister. To each their own.

#12 Falcon

Honestly, I would have expected a little higher. Anthony Mackie is a good looking dude. Falcon doesn't have profound personal problems. Maybe he's just not a major enough character for people to think about?

#11 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange would be way higher if he were a more established character. Benedict Cumberbatch has really obsessive fans, and a lot of them are really into whatever he's got going on. Plus, his character has the whole aloof and mystical vibe going on. I expect him to be way higher on a list like this in a few years.

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