One Hilarious Avengers: Infinity War Joke Dave Bautista Totally Improvised

Dave Bautista Drax Avengers Infinity War

Warning: spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War! Don't read ahead if you don't want any details about the latest MCU film!

Despite how emotionally devastating its ending is, Avengers: Infinity War is also a film chock full of funny sequences, as well. One character who absolutely thrives in this environment is Guardians of the Galaxy's Drax, and a major factor in that equation is apparently Dave Bautista's ability to improvise. In fact, his "Why is Gamora" line from the standoff between Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) has become one of the most quoted scenes from the entire film, and it turns out that Bautista ad-libbed the joke. Infinity War screenwriter Christopher Markus explained:

The script only said, 'Where is Gamora?' 'I'll do you even better: Who is Gamora?' And then one day Bautista just goes, 'I'll do you one better: Why is Gamora?' It's like, 'OK, you're very good at your job.'

So, the scene was just supposed to play out like a traditional Mexican standoff. True to his quippy nature, Iron Man was supposed to fire back at Star-Lord during the argument about Gamora. However, per Christopher Markus' comments to Yahoo Entertainment about their work on Avengers: Infinity War, Dave Bautista came to set very prepared, and he chimed in with some nonsensical improv that made the scene that much better.

Of course, a hilarious moment like that is essential to help balance out the rest of the film's weight. As those who have seen Avengers: Infinity War already know, the film ends on a down note when Thanos (Josh Brolin) snaps his fingers, unleashes the full force of the Infinity Stones, and wipes out half of existence. Several heroes fade away as a result, including Drax. With Avengers 4 set to hit theaters next year on May 3, we're left waiting to see how the MCU will recover from that massive loss.

This story is just one of several different anecdotes that hammer home the amount of improv talent that was present on the Avengers: Infinity War set. Many of the reports that have come out about the movie have highlighted the sheer number of scenes that were enhanced by ad-libs from the actors, such as Robert Downey Jr.'s jabs at Tom Holland on Ebony Maw's ship. Moreover, these bits of improv weren't just used for comedy, as Holland also reportedly came up with Peter Parker's heartbreaking "I don't want to go" pleas at the end of the movie when half of the heroes fade away.

To see that awesome improvisation and all of Avengers: Infinity War's other hilarious moments, make sure to check the film out in theaters right now! If you're looking for more information about the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, then you can take a look at our full review and our to 3D guide.

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