Whether she's known by Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel or any of the identities in-between, Carol Danvers has been a major player in the Marvel Comics universe for decades, and soon she'll be prominent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. The Captain Marvel movie was announced back in late 2014 as part of the initial Phase Thee unveiling, and with Avengers: Infinity War having quickly teased Carol, we're less than a year away from turning the clock back to the 1990s and watching her origin story unfold similarly to how it did in the comics (back when Mar-Vell held the Captain Marvel mantle).

If Captain Marvel is anything like her other fellow major MCU heroes (Hulk being the exception), then it stands to reason that she won't only star in one standalone adventure. Following her appearances in Avengers 4, and assuming her first movie performs well, then Captain Marvel 2 will likely be released during Phase Four, and that may lead to Captain Marvel 3 someday. Assuming this all happens, then there will be plenty of opportunities to adapt Carol-related stories in the MCU, and we've gathered together six tales that could do well on the big screen.

In Pursuit Of Flight

If you're looking for stories to adapt for Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, one great place to start is when she first appeared in that guise. In 2012, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick kicked off her Captain Marvel comic book run, and the first six issues made up the "In Pursuit of Flight" collection. Among the stories that were included were a multi-issue arc where Carol crossed paths with the Banshee Squadron, a group of all-female civilian service pilots that have come from the past, who DeConnick described as "The Howling Commandos with lipstick." Time travel has rarely been explored in the MCU, so having Carol interact with a team of pilots from World War II (or, if the MCU wants to play around with timing, the Vietnam War or perhaps even from the '90s, where Brie Larson's Carol originally hailed from) would be cool, whether it be Carol going back in time or having the pilots come to her in the present day in this version.

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