Funny New Grinch Trailer Has The Mean One Stealing Pickles And Running Into Trees

adorable Mr. Grinch

We've already seen some footage for Illumination's upcoming animated The Grinch adventure, but now the first full trailer is out, and we can tell that this new version of the Grinch is quite frankly as mean-spirited---if not more than---his fictional counterpart. (At least before his heart grows three sizes.) However, while this Grinch is the kind of creature who steals pickles, he's also the kind of dufus who runs into trees. If you like to laugh, you can check out the trailer, below.

From the looks of things, the new animated The Grinch movie will still have the green one trying to steal from all the Who's down in Whoville. Except this time around, he'll be using modern technology, such as hooking Max up to a drone to get good footage of the Christmas gifts and other loot he can snag. This plot backfires when he aims the drone/Max at himself, leading to one of the big moments where The Grinch is out-grinched in this trailer. Have no doubt, however, this version of the Grinch is still not overly charming. He cheats at chess and even takes a pickle out of a woman's jar, eats a bite, decides he doesn't like the pickle, replaces it in the jar, and puts it in a different woman's cart. So many levels of mean to that onscreen gag.

Previous footage of The Grinch has seen the titular character throw a lamp at an alarm clock simply so he wouldn't have to listen to Pharrell Williams' "Happy." That one was a fun nod to Illumination as a whole, as the song was popularized thanks to its appearance on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. This time around, we get a new version of the classic "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."

In addition, we even get some flashbacks to a younger, cuter version of The Grinch, which need to be shared in all of their adorableness.

Too cute to function, right? We've known The Grinch would be coming for some time, but while we've seen quite a bit from the movie so far, we still have a while to wait before the animated flick hits theaters. The Grinch will be out Friday, November 9--surprising not just in time for the Christmas season, but definitely with a couple of weeks to spare before the holiday season really kicks off with Thanksgiving. There is a lot of competition around the holidays this year, and you can check it all out with our full movie schedule. As far as remakes go, we also are keeping track of all the movie remakes in the works this year.

On a closing note, I love how Illumination has fully embraced the idea that minions are its identity, to the point where they are included in the animated logo bit at the start of this trailer. We are Minions.

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