Clearing your Netflix queue is like weeding a garden: just as you think you've caught up with the game, at least two more titles pop up in need of attention. Such is the cycle of life with a streaming services such as this, and with each new month comes new weeds for your eyes to behold before they are no more. August is going to be purging some beloved movies, as well some recent and distant hits you may not have had time to check out. If you're curious as to what's in the process of walking out the door throughout this past month, check out our previous listing of departing titles. Otherwise, break out your notepads, and prepare to say goodbye to the following.

Adventures in Babysitting

With a Disney Channel remake fresh in everyone's minds, it's a shame that the original Adventures In Babysitting is making its way off of Netflix's streaming service. A classic "adventure in a night" film from the 80's, sitter Elizabeth Shue will help the kids she's watching through an evening of danger, adventure, and a pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe meeting with Thor. Trust us, it all makes sense when you watch it; and you'll see why Disney should have never messed with the babysitter in the form of a TV remake.

Finding Dory

Have you had a good cry lately? If you're in need of such a thing, Finding Dory will help you by providing some tear-purging goodness, as Ellen DeGeneres's titular character makes her way through the ocean, in hopes of finding her parents. Sure, there's tons of laughs, and even some memes that folks took from director Andrew Stanton's return to the world of some well spoken marine life, but let's not lie here: you're going to cry, as well as laugh if you watch this one. And it's worth every second of the experience... unless you're using the film as a reference material for marine biology.

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