Ryan Reynolds Is Making An R-Rated, Stoner Version Of Home Alone

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Chris Columbus' Home Alone remains one of the all-time holiday classics that the entire family can watch around Christmas. Kevin McCallister's traps against the Wet Bandits are legendary, and the film is generally remembered as one of the quintessential John Hughes flicks. With all of that in mind, things are about to get decidedly more R-rated, as Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is currently developing a new weed-themed take on the Home Alone formula.

Per a report from Deadline, it sounds like Ryan Reynolds is currently developing an R-rated stoner comedy in the vein of Home Alone for Fox, aptly titled Stoned Alone. The film centers on a pothead who spends the holidays getting high after missing a flight to go on a ski trip, and his weed-induced paranoia becomes a buzz-harshing reality when he discovers that he's not just imagining things -- thieves are actually breaking into his house. No casting has been announced yet, but Reynolds could potentially star in Stoned Alone in addition to producing.

So, instead of a child fighting back against a couple of dimwitted bandits, Stoned Alone will involve an adult man (albeit an incredibly stoned one) taking the fight to intruders. Let's just hope Stoned Alone pays homage to some of Home Alone's best traps like the paint can gag.

In addition to Ryan Reynolds' involvement behind the scenes as a producer, Stoned Alone has also already found a filmmaker in the form of Augustine Frizzell, who will direct from a script penned by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider. Frizzell has slowly but surely made a significant name for herself in the comedy scene in recent years, making an impression with Never Goin' Back at Sundance and currently developing Euphoria for HBO and The Package for Netflix.

It will be interesting to see how Stoned Alone comes together from a narrative perspective, because the fact that it's leaning so close to Home Alone feels different from other projects of a similar ilk. Home Alone was one of the many films that played with the Die Hard formula in the 1990s, and the format has become relatively familiar to audiences all around the world. Stoned Alone's title didn't need to call back to Home Alone to convey its premise directly, but the fact that it is leaves us wondering how many references and Easter eggs the film may include.

Stay tuned for more updates related to Stoned Alone as further details related to the upcoming stoner comedy become available. Until we learn more about the weed-fueled update of the family-friendly comedy classic, you can head over to our movie premiere guide to read up on everything that's coming in 2018!

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