How Halloween Is Bringing Back Dr. Loomis

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David Gordon Green's Halloween will call back to the original John Carpenter take on the Michael Myers story in some major ways. The footage that has screened already establishes that, but now it looks like the film will go even deeper into the mythology by examining one of its most beloved characters. Specifically, Green opened up in a recent interview and admitted that the film managed to find a voice actor to imitate the iconic vocal chops of Donald Pleasence's Sam Loomis. The director explained:

We have a Donald Pleasence soundalike. Because obviously he's no longer with us, but having someone that could mimic his voice was a fun challenge. And we nailed it, I think. If I do say so myself. And then there's a couple other [nods to the past films]. There's a vocal cameo you may or may not notice till the end credits.

David Gordon Green and his crew clearly did their homework on the Halloween mythology. Sam Loomis is one of the most iconic characters in the franchise lore (he's arguably even more beloved by fans than Laurie Strode), and he's essentially the biggest hero in the series continuity. Though Donald Pleasence died in the 1990s, the team behind the new Halloween found a voice actor who could imitate his manner of speech, and there is a subtle "vocal cameo" that discerning audiences will pick up on.

This leaves us wondering how they will use the voice of Sam Loomis in the actual movie. The first trailer for Halloween showed a number of visual callbacks to Loomis and Halloween night 1978, with the documentary crew sifting through a giant pile of evidence. With so much documentation of Michael Myers' first rampage on record, it's entirely possible that there are recordings of Loomis that could show up during the movie, even if the character doesn't actually show up in the flesh.

The way David Gordon Green explained Halloween's use of Donald Pleasence's voice in his recent interview with Yahoo Movies is arguably somewhat similar to tactics used by other nostalgic films in past years. Specifically, over in the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens brought prequel actor Ewan McGregor back to recite some of Obi-Wan's lines during Rey's vision scene, blending his vocals with the vocals of the late Alec Guinness to convey words spoken by an older Obi-Wan. Of course, the difference, in this case, is that an imitator was brought in to completely impersonate Pleasence, rather than get someone like Malcolm McDowell (who played Loomis in the Rob Zombie Halloween films) to do the lines.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to David Gordon Green's Halloween as further details associated with the Blumhouse production are made available to us. Start preparing for The Shape's return to Haddonfield now, and watch out for the long-awaited sequel when it debuts in theaters on October 19.

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