Thor: Ragnarok’s Korg Is Returning, But Not How You’d Think

Within the long list of Marvel Cinematic Universe films, last year's Thor: Ragnarok delivered some of the most hilarious moments thus far, thanks to not only Taika Waititi's direction, but by lending his voice to the character, Korg. The God of Thunder met the big, friendly pile of rocks while he was imprisoned on the planet Sakaar, before he faced his grouchy friend from work, Hulk, in the arena. Unfiltered and soft-spoken, Korg was a scene-stealer in the star-studded film. Waititi just reprised his memorable role in a new Marvel motion comic promoting the Contest of Champions mobile fighting game for his "re-revolution." Check it out.

Doesn't it just warm your heart to see the precious big ol' alien make another appearance? The short little video has Korg back at it, printing out pamphlets, taking names and planning revolutions with his buddy Miek by his side. As he takes attendance for the first meeting of Revolution 2.0, Valkyrie makes an appearance along with a a three-headed creature that he counts up multiple times to make for the biggest turnout thus far: seven! The motion comic also includes cute little quips about Red Skull needing a nose job and a callback to the Original Doug (poor Doug). While this is a random and unexpected way for Taika Waititi to reprise his role as Korg, as the video seeks to promote new characters that will be added to the mobile game, it's a reminder of how lovable the new character is.

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While Korg was notably absent from Avengers: Infinity War, seeing the Kronan revolutionist again in a future Marvel film would certainly be a delight. That is, if he survived Thanos' fatal snap. Taika Waititi suited up in motion capture attire to bring this character to life and he has remained a fan favorite since the release of Thor: Ragnarok. The Thor films were previously a bit tonally off, with past comic relief strangely mixing with the ancient world Thor hails from, Asgard. Likely taking note from the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Ragnarok had Thor and Hulk bringing some special superhero fun to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Korg contributing to the new tone and style for the film. It both revitalized the series and had fans asking for more.

Korg's brief return in the promo video "Revolution 2.0" is a little treat for fans of the character. Korg and his pal Miek were last seen getting on a ship with other survivors from Asgard, so one can only hope it won't be the last appearance of the characters in the MCU. When we see Avengers 4, coming out on May 3, 2019, maybe they will provide a bit of comedic relief for the dark moments ahead as the heroes face Thanos once again, or perhaps in another Thor film.

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