How Anna Faris Celebrated House Bunny’s Ten Year Anniversary

While Anna Faris has been active in both comedy and drama projects for decades, there are a few roles that stand out as truly iconic. Chief among them is air headed protagonist Shelley in the 2008 comedy The House Bunny. In the movie, Farris played a playboy bunny who was kicked out of The Mansion, and forced to make her way out in the real world. It's a project that is constantly quoted and has played non-stop on syndication, and yesterday The House Bunny turned a decade old. Time sure does fly. As a tribute, Farris posted on social media about her time as Shelley, saying:

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10 years later, and it looks like Anna Faris is still not over the costuming, hair, and locations used in The House Bunny. The movie was filmed at the height of the popular reality TV show The Girls Next Door, which followed late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends. So The House Bunny naturally had to use the real location, and even included Hugh and the trio of reality personalities for brief roles. The Playboy Mansion has seen plenty of scantily clad ladies over the decades, so Faris thought it was ridiculous that was attempting to compete alongside Playmates. Although she did look delightfully ridiculous playing the title character in The House Bunny.

The House Bunny is definitely one of Anna Faris' most iconic movie roles, and no doubt helped her get various projects in the decade since, including CBS' acclaimed sitcom Mom. The actress had to get in super shape for the role, as Shelley was almost never seen covering her midriff or cleavage throughout the movie's 97 minute runtime.

Anna Faris wasn't the only House Bunny cast member to post about the movie's anniversary. Two Broke Girls actress Kat Dennings also posted, including an alternate title and poster for the film.

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While the cast looks great, I'm not sure that audience would have responded quite as well to a movie called I Know What Boys Like. While a great song lyric, it sounds similar to What Women Want, a movie which is getting a gender swapped version this year. This title could have been a backup plan, in case they couldn't get the rights to the Playboy Bunny name. Although Hugh Hefner's involvement in the film likely nipped that in the bud.

In addition to Kat Dennings, Scorpion actress Katherine McPhee also posted about the House Bunny's anniversary. Who could have known so many of the film's cast would land CBS shows?

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While not a still or poster from The House Bunny, the above image shows some of the cast attending the MTV movie awards. Although noticeably lacking some of the stars, it's clear that Katherine McPhee, Anna Faris, and the rest of the Zetas look back on the comedy fondly.

With The House Bunny turning ten years old, there will no doubt be endless questions about a possible sequel or reboot. Considering nostalgia is ruling he world of TV and film, no property is off limits to return. And since so many of The House Bunny's supporting cast have become bigger stars in the decade since its released, they might be abel to draw an audience.

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