Why Venom's Michelle Williams Decided To Join A Superhero Movie

Michelle Williams

As popular as comic book movies have become, not every actor seems to be interested in becoming part of one. There's still something of a division between the popular film genre and the "artistic" movie scene that makes up the sort of the films that you tend to see on awards shows. Michelle Williams, a multi-time Academy Award nominee, would generally be part of this latter group, but it turns out she really wanted to join the comic book movie genre, because she thought it looked like a fun challenge. According to Williams...

I'd been watching some of these movies, not that they were necessarily Marvel movies, but Guardians of the Galaxy, anything that Robert Downey Jr. is in. Like, 'Man, they look like they are having fun!' Hmm, interesting. They look like they're having fun and they are believing where they are. I'd like to try doing that. That seems like a fun, interesting challenge to take on.

While some may turn their nose up at movies based on comic books, Michelle Williams is not one of those people. In fact, quite to the contrary, she sees a unique challenge in being in a movie like that. The actress sees actors on screen in some of the most fantastic and unbelievable situations one could imagine, but on screen, it all looks so real. Williams saw that as a different sort of challenge as an actor. Some might think acting against a green screen or performing opposite a tennis ball on a stick might not be something to strive towards, but if you've never done it, how do you know how well you could do it?

Michelle Williams also points out that comic movies, generally speaking, look to be a lot of fun on screen and whatever your job is, it's nice when you can really enjoy doing it from time to time.

However, Michelle Williams tells Collider there was also one other reason that she chose to make Venom specifically. She wasn't simply interested in making a comic book movie, she was also interested in making one with this particular lead actor.

And then when this came along I thought, 'I'd really like to do it with Tom Hardy.'

Can anybody blame her?

Based on what Michelle Williams has said recently, it sounds like she enjoyed making Venom as much as she would have hoped. She has called the possibility of playing She-Venom in a future film, something that could be in the cards based on the character she plays in Venom, a "dream come true." It's one thing to have been part of a comic book movie. It's apparently another to actually play the hero, or in this case, anti-hero.

Based on the initial box office response, it's quite possible Michelle Williams could get that chance. Venom crushed the October box office in its opening weekend. If it keeps going in that direction then you can be sure that a sequel is going to be on the way, and probably sooner rather than later.

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