See What Scott Eastwood Could Look Like As Marvel's Wolverine

There has been a lot of discussion recently about who will play Wolverine once the X-Men make the jump the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A whole host of names have been thrown out there and will continue to be until someone gets officially selected for an adamantium skeletal upgrade. One name that has been in the conversation for a while now is Scott Eastwood who, judging by some fan art, could definitely look the part. Check it out:

Scott Eastwood as Wolverine fan art

It’s awesome how fan art out has brought potential Logan actors to life, and each artists' styles portray Wolverine a little differently. This piece from Barrett Digital shows Scott Eastwood as Wolverine. He's not in his berserker mode, but appears to be the hard living, world-weary roughneck he is. With whiskey in front of him and the character’s trademark cigar in hand, Scott Eastwood definitely passes as the fan favorite mutant.

If Marvel decides to bring the character back closer to his comic book stature, he is a little tall for Wolverine at 5’11. But this fan art shows that Scott Eastwood can definitely pull of the grizzled look required to play him. Which makes sense considering that he’s the son of Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood. Scott is also young enough that he could theoretically be in the role for a while.

This isn’t just random fan speculation, or the product of a rumor mill started by a joke (as was the case with Daniel Radcliffe), Scott Eastwood actually wants to play Wolverine. The actor has expressed interest in the past, which has prompted more than one bit of fan art showing him in the role. The above piece just being the latest one.

Scott Eastwood’s desire to play Wolverine doesn’t mean that he will get to, but it is exciting that someone who is a genuine fan of the character is expressing interest in the role. Alongside Scott Eastwood, some other names that have been thrown out there, including Daniel Radcliffe and Zac Efron. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld rebukes those candidates, and probably wouldn’t approve of Eastwood either, preferring the next Wolverine be played by an unknown actor.

These conversations are all likely premature, given the fact that the Disney-Fox deal isn’t even finalized yet. Not only is the ink not dry, it hasn’t even left the pen. It seems like a foregone conclusion it will happen sometime this year, but like the future of much of the MCU post-Avengers: Endgame, we don’t know how soon Marvel will bring back the X-Men and whether or not Wolverine will be a part of that first wave.

The casting of the next Wolverine is set to be one of the more fascinating and discussed topics in this comic book movie age. I would argue it might even eclipse the question of who will play the next Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie. After all, there have been many cinematic Batmen, but only one Wolverine. Hugh Jackman so embodied the role that seeing another actor don the claws is both an exciting and nervous prospect.

We here at Cinemablend will keep you updated about what the future holds for Wolverine and all your movie news. To see the biggest movies heading to theaters this year (including some mutant movies) check out our 2019 Release Schedule.

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